Need confirmation if this seems legit

I tried to enter a pact with azazel to bring power into my life, I am going through erics divination course and thought fuck it, I’ll use a spirit board to contact a spirit I know instead of some random shmuck.

My first try he was basically him telling me to do a ritual with me and him there, then he randomly said goodbye. then the second one went like this. (I had a dream before the second session that I think was trying to tell me that there were friends waiting for me to call out to them.)

Me: Is there a spirit here
Spirit: Yes,
Me:Who are you
Azazel: Azazel
Me: Is there anybody else here.
Marbas/Azazel: Marbas
Me: What would you like to tell me?
Azazel: Open a sigil to marbas
Me" why
azazel: become any object
me: what object should I become?
azazel: yourself, yourself, (I felt like this was just my mind at the time, so I asked a random question.)
Me: can you tell me anything I don’t know to prove this isn’t in my head
azazel: sorry, no
Me: Is there any wandering spirits that want to contact me here, nosay (I’m guessing hes saying" I wont say."
Me: azazel tell me again what you want me to turn into
azazel: monster,
what kind of monster,
azazel: satan
why turn me into or make me be more satan like,
azazel: because you are his follower
(I thought the word “why,” and he left by moving the planchette to goodbye)
Me: Is azazel still here,
Spirit: No
Me: who is
Marbas: Marbas
Me: why satan?
Marbas: He is your follower.
Me: He is MY follower?
Marbus: NO
Me: Am I his follower (I don’t consider myself luciferian or satanist, but I feel a call to satan, I know thats cringey and a typical thing on these forums, but its true.)
Marbas: Yes.
Me: What will this give me?
Marbas: POWERS
Me: Is there anything you would like to tell me before I leave.
Marbas: Azazel is mad,
Me: was it about me?
Marbas: No
Me: Is that why he said bye?
Marbas: Yes
Me: Is there anything else?
Marbas: No
Me: Thank you Marbas, goodbye.\

This is my first attempt, and to be honest I want your guy’s opinions on whether or not this was just my subconscious moving the board, based on all of your experience, does this seem like a typical encounter?


Interesting conversation. Coincidentally; I’ve been working on developing a strong connection with Azazel as I randomly felt a calling about a fortnight ago.

To me, he feels right because he is assuring and comes with this integrity and friendliness.
So what I did at the altar was draw his sigil, drew blood onto it and burned a candle with some of my hairs in it as an offering.

I’ve only had direct interactions through the pendulum and meditation where I recite a certain mantra. I do recall seeing a lot of fog/smoke in my vision the other night whilst meditating. His energy is strong.


To Azazel: should I only be working with you? Answer: No

To Azazel: are there other spirits that can help me you’re meaning?
Answer: Yes

To Azazel: Shake the pendulum vigorously if you believe I should work with you

shakes wildly, clockwise circular

Azazel: do you like me

— my personal interactions were quite brief and different compared to yours, but I recommend to keep trying to develop a connection with Azazel. On a profound level, I feel as if he can really help empower the individual that requires it. With all due respect, I’m especially keen to see where my relationship goes with him.

So with subconscious responses, science will try explain Ouija boards and Pendulums are fuelled by the ideomotor effect where it’s the body unconsciously moving the objects. Perhaps. But fuck science. They can’t cover the range of the unexplainable because it’s not solidified evidence or concrete data. So you did in fact get in contact. Not sure who with. That’s for you to find out.

I always figured that demons influence your subconscious to communicate with you and thats how all this works, I think that short of evocation your subconscious will try and influence anything you do in the occult. Its just with the ideometer effect its SO easily manipulated that you should use it and move on. Thats just me though. I have had a couple dreams with him too. I had a dream where I was at work and I was doing a ritual with him to bring him into my world and follow me (I decided to do this for some reason in real life) and the dream got real weird everyone around me said they could feel a dark veil fall on the store, but they didn’t guess it was because of me. I was at work the other day AFTER the full moon was over, and boy was it an eventful ass night. Everything seemed normal until I could FEEL a dark veil fall over the entire store, and my coworkers were knocking heads MUCH more than usual, and this girl even broke down and cried in front of me. It was almost as if the darkness over the store was an invisible force to them and they couldn’t feel it but there was no doubt in my mind that they were PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY AFFECTED. Funnily enough I liked the feeling, it made me feel more, more brandon somehow (my names brandon) I felt calm, powerful, drunk on the power and on edge at the same time. It was great. I’ve also had several other experiences with him. Its weird that you felt the same call that I did, as I entered a 365 day pact with him for him to empower me, and my tarot cards said we’d both be transformed, I also had a prophetic dream telling me both him and me would go through a rebirth through this pact. Black magic is freaky man. I entered in that pack just about 2 3 weeks ago, maybe it was fate that we met on this forum, just maybe though.

Another cool thing is I knew marbas was a spirit but I thought his power was to make things INVISIBLE, until I looked it up and found out that he tranforms things into other things, weird.

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I don’t recommend ouija boards for spirit communication. Beginners often use these things and they have no way of knowing who they are speaking to. I see little hints in your narrative that you are either speaking to your subconscious or some random spirit.


I’m developing a stronger connection with Azazel every time I engage with meditation or ritual. He is funny! He loves to have fun, and he was happy and in somewhat of a great mood whilst I was conversing with Azazel.

I’ve set up this makeshift altar and offered wine this time around, and a hint of blood — but now I actually want to make this altar dedicated to Azazel because what I’ve felt during that interaction was ecstatic and heart-felt, I laughed at one point.

I definitely recommend working with Azazel. I know I will from now on. He sounds very promising to me. He has a friendly attitude towards things and is very straight to the point. P.s very lenient

hey man dayvon here you think i should contact lucifer. i keep hearing a voice in my head saying my child, my son. who do you think that is?

Question on this…
Has this happened often?
Is it like…randomly out of nowhere they is a subtle but heavy fog that fills up the room?

What do you interpret this to mean?

This is the first time it’s happened besides one time on acid a few years ago and that was mere hallucination. It is a heavy but subtle fog, correct; but within my headspace I would’ve interpreted pitch black with wisps of grey, silver smoke streaming through from all kinds of directions.

I’m unsure of what it means — I however know that I’ll maintain a rapport and see what else I can uncover. It’s a sentient current of power, that’s what I can describe feeling wise.

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Interesting. Please let me know if you get anymore insight on it.

It happens to me. I know it is something spiritual.

I can be anywhere…even at Walmart…and the whole building will suddenly be full of smoke…no fire in sight. I am currently interpreting it as a sign that spirit is present… but Idk the FULL meaning.

I do an Instagram live every week at the same time for the past few weeks, talking about spiritual topics, and I’m noticing now that the smoke will fill the room before I even get started. So…that’s how I started to confirm spiritual presence.

I’ve asked other people about it and you are the first person I’ve come across that has experienced it other than me. So let’s keep in touch and compare notes if you don’t mind! I’d love to develop it!

Certainly. We can exchange PMs and instagram pages if you like. I myself run a esoteric/occult page although I’ve been quite idle.


Sure thing! Sounds great!