Need clarity with blue ray meditation


Do you actually see blue light with your physical eyes when you do blue ray meditation? Like blue flame light instead of regular flame light color?


I don’t see anything! I just feel a line from the candle to my forehead! It feels warm!


Candle flames do have a bit of blue right where the flame meets the wick - that’s where the flame is hottest and doesn’t contain any air yet - that gets mixed in higher up the column.

I focus on that.




Please answer the question in the picture. Thank you.


Is the yellow part of the physical flame blue? No.

The rules of physics and chemistry still apply. You’d have to change the wick to one soaked in chemicals that burn blue instead, but you’d still get some yellow because the wick produces carbon soot particles, which glow yellow when hot.

What you see with your third eye, and what you see with your physical eyes are two different things.


So in other words, nothing extraordinary happens during this meditation? No mystery?


No no mystery as such, its used to focus and train the astral eye, the minds eye. I do this exercis myself and at some times i see the light othertimes i only feel it.
When i see it its not really with the physical eyes but stil its like a i look at the candle through a filter and that filter shows the blue light.


I see… I’m just trying to debunk magick. I have always believed that once you open the third eye; you will see mystical, crazy things that are ridiculous. Like exaggerated effects. Thank you for sharing your experience. I invite all to this topic to help me debunk magick. I have an atheist mindset, so it’s hard for me to believe in magick 100%. I have a bad habit of finding logical explanations to magick…


What the thinker thinks, the prover proves.

If you set out to prove to yourself that none of this is real, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Attempt to show yourself that magick does exist, on the other hand, and you might just find a whole new world opening up before you.

I suggest Ramsey Dukes’ book How to See Fairies: Discover Your Psychic Powers in Six Weeks. It’s written specifically for people like you (and me, once upon a time) who have difficulty setting aside their analytical intellect long enough to just experience the magic.


You imagine blue light with your eyes open entering your third eye. I hace never seen it with my physical eyes, but perhaps of I had stuck longer with the exercise about a year or so it would have become a physical thing.

But you can feel it entering your third eye, as ypu imagine the beam of indigo light entering your forehead. You focus on the blue part of the flame and imagine a blue beam traveling up from there.

Nothing mystic may happen during the session to speak, but the effects afterwards are pretty potent. Mental clutter will cease pretty quickly, and the ability to enter Theta Gamma Sync will amp up pretty notoceably. You may also notice some other stuff but I’ll mention them later as my exam in micropbiology is about to start. :wink:


Where can I get that book in audio form? Thank you very much for helping! :pray: