Need Assistance with Possession

Hey everyone,

Today I and my partner were discussing our ideas of what we should try out this year.

She mentioned the idea of us swapping bodies. I’ve always liked the idea of body swapping and possession but this would be nearly impossible to achieve!

My partner isn’t too accustomed to magic and evocations but I am. Somethings in my life at the moment has been extremely unpredictable-In a good way.

Somehow I won a $100 gift voucher and 2 card games and several other raffles in the las 8 days!

But events have also occurred in which I am unsure of what or who’s causing them. I think some of the spirits I have been calling up have been doing this. Now I asked them to win some of these raffles but in no way have I ever had an event that recently happened!

What I’m trying to say is the beings I’m working with have been pulling way too much as of late and I think asking them to assist in a one-day body swap or a possession might actually work!

I have been pathworking with Odin and requesting fortune from King Ghob. Now both of these deities are amazing but I am unsure if they could assist with body swaps or possessions.

If you have any other deities/beings that might be able to assist or even give insight to how one might, that would be great!

Thanks, Spojiec

Try fasting 12 hours by not eating anything at all. and 12-24hrs before the ritual stop eating all meets but you may eat veggies. That helps in setting your body to possession. Also, its kinda of a cleansing to your body that in the islamic or Arabian traditions require the practitioner to do that for them to have a full possession


Cool! We gotta try that out! Do you have any spirits in mind who can assist?

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Wrong question. When you ask or throw your intention of wanting to experience possession, who do you feel pulled to? whose name keeps popping up to you?

That would be your first step. Then you will need to summon and communicate with said spirit and ask if they are willing to work with you. If yes, set a day and time with that spirit and the day before start preparing yourself for the ritual. Also… I like to have 2 candles on my side, one each on each side and 1 in front, 1 in the back. setting them up like that makes a 2 upside down triangle and you are the center of it. Its just something I do, but u do not have to do that. its not like its a code. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, I’d say if u really want me to throw a name, contact Azazel and ask him. He is patient, amazing, powerful

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I have barely worked with Azazel but that’s a possibility. A name I think of is King Paimon, but I am unsure if he would accept my request of assistance with possession.

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in my opinion Djinn are always the best in possessions. Im not sure if its Asmodies who is djinn or that king paimon as well.

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I’ll have a look into whether they might be Djinns or not, but I might call both tomorrow and see if they respond.

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I advise you to develop a relationship and have summoned the spirit multiple times before you do that. Since you are going to experience their energy in an amplified matter.

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Then King Paimon would be appropriate for that matter. I have been working with him for 2 years now, but I’m not sure if he would want me wasting my time trying to possess my partner…

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