Need Assistance with Love.. need all energy

Been dating this Indian girl for 4 years. Known each other since 14 back in high school. We stopped seeing each other from time to time but always came back (without any spells). Lately we broke up because of some family issues; that we shouldn’t be dating because we’re too different (Mexican) but honestly we are exactly the same except for some stupid idiotic social norms programmed in her mind (Indian customs are just primitive)… so I’ve done a love spell on her before which took forever to work (as a newbie I was hurt! Lol) and just a few days ago I decided to follow the left hand path. I made a deal with lucifer… and I’ve made sigil for Dantalion to change her mind, bring her to me ( for relationship and sex) and to keep her parents mind away from our business and hers…
How do I know that dantalion is receiving my messages? I focus on the outcome and how it will happen. Does anybody here know Dantalion? Can you ask for me as a intermediary. I ask with respect and have given blood to lucifer as well as Dantalion. Also by the way I did my first actual black magick love spell with a picture of hers with blood and semen.

How long should I wait?

Sorry for it being so long we also got in an arguement (kinda big) and she blocked my number… I would like for people here to assist me in this
She’s the Love of my life. I I was also her first and still am! So I know that she carries around her aura my DNA…
Can anyone assist me? You may ask questions as well I invite all help!! Thank You.

We are both 24 now and I know that she became distant because of these stupid social norms… I was born 8-12-93 and she was born 4-9-93… she also had told me that she doesn’t know what she wants from a relationship. She just unsure of everything… if you need to know what I asked for in the spell feel free to ask!


Right - what is common between Mexican and Indian cultures - make a list and work from there.

You are going to have to work on her FAMILY, you’ll be marrying her mum, dad, aunties galore, sisters, step sisters, uncles, nieces, nephews, did I mention aunties, and yet more aunties.

You can’t take her culture out of her, what you need to do is to show that your culture maps and is sympathetic to hers so that they will accept you into their family. You think the societal norms are stupid BUT they aren’t stupid to her or her family - you have to win over her family.

If she’s Hindu, be prepared for an endless wedding, with ridiculous amounts of food and millions of aunties with lots of food… (anyone who has lived in Leeds, Bradford, London or Birmingham and been to an Indian wedding or other celebration will know this).

Actually here’s an idea find out what religion her family are and start researching the appropriate entities who grant favours in the love department for her belief system. You know the answers to those questions and if not - research, research, research and research some more.


hahah being an Indian …i agree with the “aunties” thing . :joy:


Well I know that she’s Sikh and about the 10 gurus that made that religion ( roughly only 200 years old from my understanding ) they believe in one god out of respect for muslims but also believe in reencarnation for the Hindus…had to do with muslims coming into India to kill Hindus and change their beliefs. A bit confusing if they decided to believe in one god (assuming allah out of respect for muslims) but then contradict it with reincarnation. (If someone here is better with Sikhism excuse my ignorance only my understanding on the topic.) but again, how do I know that the spirit of Dantalion has heard me? Or if any?!

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