Need answers! [Dreaming of being chased by a monster]

Last night i was working with Astharoth. I was evoking him for some personal reasons and after that i was contacted by a friend of mine. She needed to know some things about her future so i pulled out my tarot deck and began a reading. Everything was going normal, until i fell asleep. I had the most real dream i could possibly have. There was this monster, it was like a mass of pure evil and hatred. It kinda resembled that monster from Stranger things. It was chasing me and i barely escaped.

I just need to know what that was. Because i have the feeling that it was real, not some dream but it was REALLY real. i dont know how to explain it, i just need some awnsers.

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Dreams are personal, and symbolic: never take them literally. Or almost never.
Monsters in them often represent something you are afraid of. The monstrous appearance is not what it looks like, it’s what your feeling about it looks like.

For example, is the book Dreamgates by Robert Moss, he talks about the dream of a person being chased by a monster, night after night. Eventually they went back into the dream in trance, faced the monster, which turned into a rabbit and turned out to be a guide trying to get their attention.

So in this case, you could go back into the dream to quiz the monster, you could finish the reading, you could evoke Astaroth and ask it if it knows anything.

A possibility is that the reading attracted something that is psychically attacking you. In this case look for feelings of anxiety and being drained, or feeling aggravated when you normally wouldn’t. But if you dream didn’t include images of it “coming in”, it’s probably a more external idea.