Need an opinion, urgent!

So I wanted to cast a love spell on someone, but I been told that she is one of Lilith’s daughters though she hasn’t tapped into that energy.

Would Lilith be offended if I cast a love spell on her? I really don’t want to hurt Lilith.

Ask Lilith ? :woman_shrugging:


:point_up_2: ask Lilith.

Although if you are close with Lilith, I think you’d be better off taking a different approach than just a direct love spell. Like, tugging on the Lilithian nature of that person(?) and establishing a connection based on that.


Maybe. This could have nasty repercussions, Lilith takes care of her own. Best off asking Lilith if she approves of the match.


How about a spell to bring your soulmate to you? If that is her, it will bring you together.