Need an Emergency Reading!

Hey, All

i know it is Christmas and everyone is being all merry and stuff, but I was wondering if there is anyone around who might be willing and able to give me an in depth emergency Tarot reading. I’ve been suffering from some intense tooth and jaw pain, that I just assumed was because of the multitude of cavities I have, and standard painkillers were taking care of it. That changed a few days ago though, and now normal mundane things aren’t working. i tried the Raphael mantra for healing but it didn’t help either. @Lady_Eva was kind enough to scry the situation and according to what she saw, if I am understanding it correctly, is that my spiritual sovereignty and Ascent are under threat by something Internal to me, which appeared to Eva as a small black worm manifesting from the ground. Apparently the Archangel Michael,(linked with my higher chakras and therefore with my Higher Self) took notice and has pierced me with a spear of light, which is pinning the worm to the ground, but is also manifesting as the pain in my jaw. This worm is NOT an external being, but is something I myself am doing that puts my Ascension and possibly physical well being in jeopardy.

As any good fighter knows, before you go on the attack, you need information. So I am requesting a reading to find out more about this internal enemy so I can mount a counterattack. Belial once told me that there is no separation between the physical and the spiritual, that one affects the other, but I never really understood how true that is until now.

If anyone can help out, please PM me. Thank you.


Call on Demon of your choice and have him remove all obstacles and blockages to your ascent.

If you want be specific.