Need an effective and new love spell

The love spells I typically do only get me so far. I would love to have a new one to try that’s effective as its been a while since I’ve had a real relationship. I think I’m ready for something like that. You guys have any spells?

Here’s a four-finger combo that packs a hell of a punch. Works wonders for me. Shame I can’t follow through, being married, but I have 2 women at work, one married, who are just nuts about me. I have used a similar approach in the past when I knew less about magick. Works wonders.

The most powerful love spell you can weave is to transform yourself into a solid, approachable person that has their shit together. Fake it til you make it! You shouldn’t have any problems however.

The second most powerful love spell is to continue your transformation into something that the apple of your eye wants. Once you have found a ‘candidate’ cool person you feel a spark for, you can try projecting yourself into his/her dreams. Project what you want them to see.

Divination with the Tarot, may seem beneath you, but try it anyways. Its a process of asking questions, getting answers and tweaking how your awesome loveable self is to project into your candidate’s mind.

Divination will also help you find some sympathetic vibrations (common ground) with your candidate.

Third most powerful spell, is your scent. This is a real physical thing. Your pheromones can drive your candidate wild, if you are compatible. We tend to cover up our human scent, but let me tell you, the smell of a sweaty woman whom I find attractive, or just a hint of a tiny bit of her personal odor, and wow, I’m fantasizing about her and well … it keeps me up at night.

So use science as your third spell or potion. Try not to mask yourself with perfume. Those “Axe” deodorant commercials are pure crap. They may be ok for kids who stay up all night bouncing around in raves, but for everyday encounters at coffee shops, or work, or what have you, the less perfume garbage you wear, the better. Hey as long as you don’t stink. If you are having a bad BO day, then forget about the dating game and try again when you feel better.

Ever feel the overwhelming need to take a whiff of someone you found attractive? It’s just the way it is, for all sexes. You wanted more than a whiff didn’t you?

So a little bit of human scent goes a long way.

These three things combined have worked for me tremendously.

The fourth spell is a charm spell. Be a good listener. People love to hear themselves talk. Let them fall in love with themselves. Just listen.


You can do a spell to get a partner but as someone pointed out you need to work in yourself, the relationship etc so the relationship can last.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I’m not looking for just anyone. I’m looking for someone whom I would want to be with. I’ve been dating around for awhile now and it’s always a disappointment because it is hard for me to truly connect with women. I meet them and we get to know each other and I end up getting bored or the whole thing fizzles out.

Aww man. Ok, so you need an awesome partner. Disregard the obvious ‘spell’ I gave you. I don’t want to be seen as trivializing your goal. An excellent, lofty but inevitable goal I might add. Yes inevitable to succeed for you. I hear ya. So getting a partner is easy for you, just pulling the right woman into your life has been elusive. Well sounds like you are in need some kind of Telepathy Beacon \ Attraction Well (@AdamThoth) spell or something. You need the real deal don’t ya!

Maybe telepathy via a common and desired spirit. You looking for a black magick woman? Or a non occulty type?

There has to be away to pull a great partner in towards you.

An occulty woman would be great but I’m just looking for someone who I’m attracted to but I can connect with on a deeper level.

Getting bored?? Add some kink to that relationship :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Try christian that’s a joke BTW :smiley:


Any spirit that can help reveal hidden treasure could be useful. A good partner is a treasure isn’t it?

There are many wonderful women hiding in plain sight.