Need advice

So I need help and advice here when it comes to evokation and which demon to use, this encounter is the reason I made this account for this form. So a while back I asked Duke Sallos for some help about getting into a relationship. I’ve never done it before and I didn’t feel anything and pretty much suspected it didn’t work at all Something happended that I wasn’t expecting, today when I was going to go pick up my brother from school I stopped at 7/11 to get some gas and water when I noticed this one girl staring at me. She went to the private school right next to the 7/11 and I just felt this weird attration to her. She kept glancing at me and I kept glancing at her and she ended up going back to where I was and she just looked and passed right by me and kind of checked me out. I didn’t talk to her at all it try to make a move because I was running late to get my brother and completely forgot about what I asked Duke Sallos for. She left without any other interaction with her and I feel like I messed up there. Is there any other way I can get another chance with meeting that girl and getting another shot with her at all?