Need advice, please

I have had some issues, I had some changes lately, specially at work, they are good but I felt them like a clash, I feel a little disoriented. I have two questions:

  1. I feel a little blockage, little because I have performed magick and I have gotten what I wanted, First I can’t “hear” well as I used to ( clairaudience), when I try to divination with tarot, I feel that blockage, I have also been trying a youtube meditation to open the third eye last five days ( it should be tried for 14-21 days), recommended by someone here on this forum, I feel my third eye tingling and other sensations, but I still feeling a blockage.

  2. I have also felt a spirit want to communicate, and even I have felt like he wants tobacco, he wants me to smoke tobacco (cigarrettes), I don’t smoke so I am sure it’s not me wanting to smoke. Twice, when I have been in ritual, writing on candles (some name) , I heard voices, but they are not clear, even I looked at name on candle and it looked like symbols, not what I wrote, anyway as I already mentioned, I have a little blockage, so I am confused. Since this happens I have connected with Belial , Sabnock, Astaroth and Amon, and as far as I know they don’t ask for tobacco.

Thanks a lot.

This is very common and happens for other traditions as well, it’s taught in remote viewing for example as a thing to expect. It’s a good sign you have made significant progress, though it doesn’t feel like it :slight_smile:

The information you get comes through to your via your subconscious. As your development progresses, you’re communicating better and better with your subconscious. Then a point is reached where it goes silent, like it’s realised you’re really there listening to it and it backs off. But just keep going, switch it up with new methods, and it will resolve itself and come back stronger then before.


Thanks a lot, you’re very wise. And what about spirit who wants me to give him tobacco? what should I do?.

Personally, and given you’re newer and still developing your senses, I’d say this isn’t the time to take on randoms. I would banish and cleanse, and only deal with those entities you have provided personal invitations to.

The idea that it wants you to do something for it implies a desire to live viscerally through you, which is a red flag for a ghost or other astral parasite, something connected to the physical realm that wants it but is a step away from it, not a higher being that would at least buy you dinner first. :smiley:


Thanks a lot again, then I will banish. :smiling_face:

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You triggered a memory by tagging another of my posts with the word “voodoo”, about 6-7 days ago, talking about the spirit who wants tobacco, I heard several times the word Lwa, at different times (days) and at another , twice I heard the word " Eleggua". This is weird, Lwa is from Haitian Voodoo and Eleggua, Yoruba, Santeria.

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That’s interesting. Incidentally both the Loa and Eleggua feature in E.A. Koetting’s book The Spider and the Green Butterfly where he also walks us through his rituals involving these. There’s controversy around this book but it’s super interesting and was a breath of fresh air at the time, it’s still very different than most books around. Maybe you’d like it?

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I would like to try, I am here to learn and I am very willing to. But would it mean I have to be into voodoo forever or the E.A. Koetting’s book The Spider and the Green Butterfly shows the way to contact with them to spiritual improvement without “forever in voodoo”?

Yes it’s a western grimoiric approach that doesn’t require an initiation into a closed organisation. You’re not locked in to anything, or restricted from anything: E.A.'s got his fingers in every magickal pie there is. The more you do, the more you can.

Voodoo and hoodoo are the folk versions of this magick, and you’re on your own and free to do what you want. You can get voodoo info all over the internet, sour and honey jar spells, veves and correspondences are everywhere, you can help yourself, experiment and find what works for you.
I personally recommend talking to the Loa Papa Legba first, and he’ll introduce you to those he feels are a good and helpful contacts for you. Vodoun is, so I hear, a closed religion and is a different matter, that needs an insider to recommend and initiate you, but that’s not what this is. But do expect to do the work, the Loa are intense and not for the faint hearted.

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Thanks a lot, I will give it a try. :smiling_face: , By the way I admire you, you’re very wise.

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Aw, thank you! :heart_decoration: I’ve sadly forgotten more than I know.