Need advice on the mastering evocation course

So I bought the mastering evocation course and i feel like the lessons were very dry in my opinion. Its not bad but im thinking the lessons just wasn’t worth the price of the course. I feel kinda bummed out and feel too low on energy to actually put the lessons to good use due to psyching myself out thinking its all a gimmick.
I keep thinking about how much time i would actually have to put into evoking something and it makes me doubt myself. Its too late i already bought the course so i need to try my best to follow through with it. Does anyone else feel this way about the course? I know the majority of well versed magicians on this forum have grown from this course but im just having trouble actually learning from it myself.

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I’m a very no-fluff, practical person, I dislike the pomp of most ceremonial systems which I find over-blown and pretentious, so it worked for me.
I was already doing magick and using it to fill in some questions, but I though it was good and covered all the basics well.

I would advise against he fallacy of investment. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t put more good time into it and waste that as well. It’s not that much money and your time is worth more.

Chalk it up to experience - you’ve learned something important about how you personally work, and you can use that going forward to focus on styles that you like and gel with the best. Meanwhile you can now recognise material that’s not your style and let that be for other people.

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I guess this is up to personal tastes but I thought the course was immensely interesting. I mean, with the lessons from the course, you should be able to evoke any entity you want…such as bune, who can give you enough money to repay the cost of the course several fold. So when you say that it wasn’t worth the price, I really dont follow tbh :man_shrugging: