Need advice on talking to people about my practices

Hey, all

Throughout this year and years prior, I have felt alone and unheard when it comes to my practices.

Since I begun my path, I have been trying to focus on my subconscious and self to get better life results.

I’m a very loud and outgoing person, so after having my own family kinda shun me, it really affects how I practice.

I remember the first time I told them and how they treated any medium of magick and or demons in shows like Lucifer.

Last year I got confident so I went around asking my parents about what would they think if I were to do something like grow wings in real life, as I had figured my dreams were mundane and if my family mentions something like that I might be able to become lucid as I would try that action.

But I ended up finding myself needing to prove myself I know better by my father, who since hasn’t left that stance.

In fact right before I had dinner tonight, I evoked Raziel, and he came barging in yelling it was dinner, though once he peered over my bed he saw my ritual set up and let off the biggest “you are a disappointment and should know better” face.

I’ve learnt so much in psychology and other means to try and place my conscious on a different path of thought because I get massive blockages from these encounters.

Doesn’t help that this year I have made an extensive effort to meet new people, go to new colleges, and join new groups, and yet I still haven’t met anyone willing enough to listen to me.

Wow, so as I wrote that last sentence my mother came back from her night swimming classes and she walk in on me writing this while my ritual was still set up. She asked me to wrap this up and go do something else, but then I said

“I need you to listen to me.” And “can we talk and make things less vague because I will tell you what I am doing.”

She proceeded to walk out of my room and watch tv.

Basically my parents are aethists but use a false equivalence of my theism being religious practices.

I don’t worship, grovel on my knees asking to be healed or saved. I am a self made.

So basically I have to prove that I know better while also battling the religious dogma they believe despite being an atheist.

Any suggestions on what I should do here?

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Why do you feel the need to have their approval or acceptance lol

My family thinks I’m mentally ill

You can’t change peoples beliefs

Like do you know how hard it is for earthbound brainwashed people to accept the reality of magick?

Why waste your time on that, if I were I’d just focus on moving out and live in your own frequency, doesn’t mean you have to cut them out of your life but if they’re not even willing to listen to your perspective then they care more about what they want you to be rather what you genuinely are

The path of a sorcerer is mostly solitary path, you’ll have soul connections here and there, you may even meet with people from time to time but the most advanced practitioners I know are like hermits most of the time, including myself

Breaking out of that family dynamic is important for you to become a master of your reality


I don’t need their approval. I find it helpful to at the very minimum get my side out and leave it as that.

Though I do wish I would meet people who would listen to me lmao.

Like the kind of “hey how has your day been?” into “hey how’s your practice going?” type of chat.

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You have expectations from ignorant people which is why you are having these problems

You still want something, that has to go

If you don’t want the mundane life you have to let go mundane way of thinking which is where you’re at right now based on your responses


I let go of them but I still wouldn’t mind that friend saying “how is your practice going.” that’s legit all I’m trying to go for here.

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Summon Ashtoreth she is good on finding friends, so tell her what type of friends and people you want around and leave it to her.
Good luck


The point is to stop that, stop giving a shit, seriously, open that solar plexus, be solid in yourself


The solution seems rather obvious to me. If they can’t accept you for your magickal practices, use your magickal practice to make them accept your lifestyle. I’m sure you know at least a couple spirits with the ability to change minds. I’d consult with one of them. Atheists tend to be the easiest targets for magick.


Thats such a Saruman thing to say Lmfao


I definitely do some research on her and maybe evoke her later this evening.

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