Need advice on structuring a coven

I am working on a pulp. Series of short stories.

I am doing research to structure a coven. I learned there are degrees. Neophyte. 1st degree 2nd degree 3rd degree and elder.

I am trying to figure out how to structure the teachings and tasks as per degree.

So what magical and mundane things you would be taught. I’m thinking herbs and alchemy at neophyte or alchemy at 1st for example.

I’m thinking about asigning them as moon phases.

So like

New moon is neophyte
Waxing moon is 1st degree also maiden
Full moon is second degree or matron
Waning moon is 3rd or crone
Dark moon is elder

I could also paths by waxing or waning.

So a waxing creasant. Waxing half and waxing gibbious. Could be 1st second and 3rd degrees in a set path

With full moon being and elder.

Waning creasant. Waning half and waning gibbious
And dark moon is elder

Anyone has any ideas let me know


There is a published example of a real order with all it’s lessons, which you had to complete to do each initiation at the end of the grade to be allowed to get the lessons of the next grade.

It’s E.A. Koetting’s “Ordo Ascendum Aetrynalis”.

Originally an initiatory order you had to prove yourself to get into and done by mail. You don’t want to plagiarize it obviously, but the progression and contents starting with astral skill practice and going on through might be helpful for ideas, and they are 100 percent authentic.

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i was thinking. maybe the neophyte would be taught ground up things. like herbs. astrology. reading magic symbols as well as do basic chores and tasks to build devotion endurance and concentration for what is to come

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I don’t know, it’s your story. Have you thought about joining a real order to get some more visceral experience?

Not for the sake of a pulp, no.

If I was gonna join an order i would want it to because I wanted to join

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I have never been part of a coven, but I was friends with one that most them all lived together in this big old house

The head of it was a cool older woman. The rest were couples.

Coven can be structured kinda anyway you see fit.


I’m thinking about doing that

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Look up Raymond Buckland Complete Book of Witchcraft. Everything is in Lesson Form, and there is material on crating a coven.


Do you want details? :smirk: I will not go to deeply, but I can say some of the things that happened

just trying to make a educational structure

Find a copy of Christopher Penczak’s book The Outer Temple of Witchcraft. It’s set up in the traditional “1 year and a day” lesson plan culminating in an initiation. It might give you a good template.

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Thanks bro

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