Need advice on my end of the deal

I see there is a similar topic at the moment, but I also need a piece of advice because my view on this situation might be too biased, so bear with me, please.

I evoked Lucifer and asked him to help me with my finances till the end of the month. And I told him that I would do something in return. You see, I have a debt and I wanted to pay at least some part of it. In my experience, Lucifer always brought me juicy opportunities, not money directly.

And after that evocation, everything went downhill, lol. I lost half of my clients if not more. I don’t hope to pay anything this month now, obviously. The Tarot gave me the Tower (thanks, cap). However, a few days ago, out of nowhere I got a new client who is quite famous in my country, he has money and he is ready to use my services every day. In my opinion, this is some supernatural luck. The next month looks rather promising and profitable.

So, the question is: do I keep my word to Lucifer or not, since he didn’t help me in the time I mentioned?
If yes, is it okay if I just wait and see what’s going to happen next month?

To tell the truth, I am not so sure that the request I made was realistic from the very beginning, but, hey, I believe in wonders.

I wouldn’t, personally. A deal was a deal, no delivery no payment.

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Hmm. So you think being uncompromising is a good idea even though I have better clients and my request wasn’t too sensible to begin with? I didn’t get the money but I cannot close my eyes on the fact that my working conditions and opportunities advanced greatly because of just one guy.

That’s exactly what bothers me.

It’s up to you - you have one better client and I don’t know if that makes up for the loss of the others.

Adding timeframes is often difficult, and you could consider that his work isn’t done yet - if you think this is the case, I’d suggest a divination or asking him.

In the case that he didn’t come through, no, I’d say don’t compromise, don’t make yourself look weak, that doesn’t usually go too well long term. Standing up for yourself is worth doing.
If he IS coming through, then I’d say keep it going.

Personally, I don’t actually make bargains like this anyway. I ask/command what I want, and when it happens, then I make an offering in mutual celebration. My offering then comes from the heart and contains heart energy, and the relationship benefits. I don’t feel the entities work as well when worked with in a merely transactional way.


Well, I didn’t attempt asking him or divination because I didn’t want to fall victim to wishful thinking or thoughtforms.

But thank you very much for elaborating. You helped me greatly :pray:

Why would you evoke Lucifer for this. This is not apart of his attributes.

If you actually done a full evocation he would of declined the offer.

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I would recommend Pendralion or Duke Bune for any sort of wealth. Their attributes align perfectly with what you desire.


Because my astral senses are :poop: And I’ve known Lucifer for some time now.
When other people have conversations with the spirits, I usually catch glimpses, lol
So, as much as I’d like to, I don’t think it’s wise to evoke hordes of demons in my case. Even evoking Lucifer is risky for me. I thought about petitioning Bune, but at that time I didn’t have enough information on the whole process, so I opted for the ‘safe’ way.

Besides, he has already helped me with that same matter, so in my opinion, there should be no problem doing it one more time.

But thank you, I will actually try petitioning Bune.

You don’t need to complicate it. Call the spirit forth, once you feel the presence (I am assuming you are not doing a real evocation to full manifestation yet.) give your command, thank the spirit and banish.
Keep it simple. Simple produces the best results, IMO.

Skip to 56:40.


You did the right thing working with Lucifer, if you had an ongoing relationship with him. Spirits have more areas of expertise than one might think. It is way better to reach out to a deity you are well connected to, than to ask 23 different spirits because they are apparently proficient in some area.

I like Jason Miller´s example: If you ask a stranger if it gives you 50 dollars its probably going to decline. If you ask a friend than he will probably agree but think about it, but if you ask your best friend he will deliver.

I believe that you can work with a multitude of spirits, once you have reached a certain amount of magical authority, but thats just my opinion. Before that the best think you can do is to connect to a maximum of 3 deities and work with them on a daily basis to strengthen the bond. Again just my opinion but you might want to try it out.


That’s not how divination is usually done - you don’t ask the entity, you do it yourself. We have a divination category here that gives you ideas, beginner usually start with pendulums, which is a form of kinesiology. Tarot cards are popular as they give a lot of information rather than just yes/no answers.

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2 things I have never had sigils or pacts pay off in a months time that I can remember. Also A little help to pay a piece of your debt off? In my experience Lucifer is MUCH greater than that follow through with your end I would be shocked if he doesn’t significantly over deliver

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That’s exactly what I did though :slight_smile: But thanks for the video, I watched it all and there were a few lines I needed to hear.

Nope, I wholeheartedly agree with you actually. I’d rather spend some more time learning the basics than have lots of problems I have no idea what to do with. I do want to try petitioning though, as I feel that it is something I can easily accomplish.

I’m well aware of how Tarot cards work :slight_smile: I am not new to divination. That’s why I wrote ‘or’, not ‘and’. And it is my firm belief that if I tend to be biased from the very beginning, it’s better not to attempt any reading. It’s like all those chicks who ask if their ex is going to come back every day and find excuses to read the 10 of swords as ‘yes’.

I had :slight_smile: I think I will follow @Mulberry advice and don’t do anything unless he delivers. Because as you have written, this request should not be a problem for Lucifer.

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I see, the subject is very emotional so you don’t trust yourself to not insert wishful thinking? It is possible to learn how not to do that, so you can have full confidence in your readings, but I agree this would be a hard question to practice that on.

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Exactly! :+1:

what makes you so sure? when i prayed to him for financial help, he led me to a spell involving bune

I think it was appropriate to ask him. Why? Because he’s a gateway to the others, if he wants to be and it sounds like he was.

Calling the “wrong” person that’s willing to help is still a hit when they want to put forth the effort to still see it done. Especially since whatever “wheelhouse” or abilities they’ve been assigned are more guideposts and hints than limits.

As for what you can give as an offering, ask him for signs, Wait for the nudge or sign to show itself and go from there.


It’s not the right thing if the thing you ask for doesn’t happen.

It did happen but not in the set time frame. One month is naive, it is said that it takes three weeks for a sign of success and you can label a working successful after 3 months.
You know not enough about the op´s situation to make any valuable judgment. None of us knows how enchantable her life is nor did she state that she WANTED to repay the debt in the month. She asked that he would help her with her finances and he did. Also the month has not ended yet has it?

Thats the importance of clear statements of intent.

Do you have a 100% success rate?

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Yes I do. Why?