Need advice on bring back ex spell!


I’m new to this forum, I know there’s a lot of information about get ex back spells but the more I read I’m getting confused. So I’m going to ask on here if anyone can help me with this, has anyone tried naamah for love spells? How quickly does she work? And if she has given a date do things work out? Also I suffer from anxiety but king Paimon is helping me with that, but how to avoid blockages from happening?
Also these spells are done by someone else for me… I don’t know how to perform magic myself , I’m not confident enough!!!

There are plenty ritual for hires available. But dont lust for results either way

You’ll never learn having someone else do your work for you. You’ll find your results improving as you knock off the lack of confidence. It can be daunting at first to get started, but you have goals which is a good jumping off point. Read up on who can assist, get serious about meditation and see how it goes.
Otherwise, I’ve been asking people this for a while now: wouldn’t you rather they come back because they want to? As opposed to being forced or compelled by outside actors.
Show them you still care and they matter. If they want to come back, they will. Beyond that, take into account the other person’s feelings. There’s clearly a reason you’re not together anymore. Get to the root of that, work on it.
I hope this helps.

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Best way to build confidence is to take the plunge yourself. I recommend petition spells and mediation to help get your foot in the door with working with spirits. As far getting your ex back in general, there are tons of threads on this subject, just use the search function.

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Pretty solid advice in my eyes. There is often many layers to changing one’s reality as it is and when you bring love into the mix, you now have two sets of those layers. Emotions is a pretty big layer to deal with and getting on the best ground possible is always wise, even if it means that you end up off the playing field entirely. And, even if a spell compels the ex to return, not addressing the problems that led to the break up will only end in further ruin. Relationships are never easy and take a lot of honesty, will power and flat work to maintain them. Am I saying this whole endeavor is pointless or should be avoid? Absolutely not, but be aware of what you are asking for and prepared for it

This. I did this with my ex wife. We had 6 years and a child.
Now I have a child and no wife.

Edit: this being magic to make her “love” me.
I learned through harsh lessons. This is why I’m trying to help others.

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Yes, but…

Sometimes the deepest desires are locked away beneath the confusion of the misunderstandings and arguments. And with some work they might find that they really do want to.

Sometimes what each side wants turns out to be exactly the same for both, it’s just that they both have a different way to explain the same thing, which = arguments and mis…understandings.
Then comes the assumption that they are both on different sides of the track.

So then if there is a parting of their ways, where both think the other is a shitbag for ‘not’ thinking the same way then it can take some work to realign things. And when this is the case then why not throw some magick at it?
How often has love lost out because a misunderstanding won the day? Maybe this is why the ex spells are so popular.

Sometimes it is right to quit for some people, for others perhaps not.

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I said this will all due respect but extreme example incoming:

You have absolutely zero desire to murder your neighbor. None. But one day as if by magic it’s got to happen. So, you kill your neighbor.
Are you happy?
You’ve realized a goal that you didn’t have before because of outside forces.

This is how I look at these types of workings.
I look at magic as the absolute last resort in regards to things involving other people. They didn’t ask for it, it’s not our place to force our wills.
That path makes you just the same as the desert troll god in my opinion.

Yeah, extreme example lol.
I think with magick the biggest caveat is be careful what you wish for.

But on the flip side, if someone was hurting, sick and unable to help themselves and you had the power to ease the pain would stand back because it would be a case of forcing your will?

And if it’s true that everyone on this planet is somewhere on the ladder of ascension whether they like it or not, and if someone arrives on this forum looking for help in let’s say for example, a love situation, then if what they learn works, or not, they might go onward and leave the love stuff behind for other magickal pursuits. Everybody starts somewhere.