Need advice on Blood Magick

Not sure if this is the right topic but how much blood would be useable in a blood sacrifice

What exactly are you meaning by blood sacrifice? Are you just offering blood or killing something? What are you planning to use it for? Need more info

as much as you want

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A few drops, you don’t need to go ballistic/matyr… but you do you… some love fanatically making sacrificial incisions. I’m more a few drops kinda person.

Im going to use it for summon ( im offering blood)

Then I’d use a needle to prick my finger of choice and drop blood onto a candle that I’m lighting or into an offering bowl

Thank you

Back in my teens I used blood magic for lust, vampiric and baneful stuff. For lust just a few drops baneful Id use enough to fill the 10-15ml cups for medicine. Need a lot nosebleeds work well lol