Need advice on astral pen

I have deep trouble channeling entities of any type. Any advice would be great. Thank you, everyone!

Sometimes channeling can feel very sexual. I think the easiest way would probably be to go into a trance, stare at nothing, think of nothing, but set the intention to become an open channel. When you become an open channel you’re basically a beacon that invites any being to speak through you. Sometimes when a being connects, your eyes will want to roll back slightly. You’re still in control however so you dont have to let your eyes roll back if it’s too creepy. After the eye’s start to roll back it’s like there’s this surge of energy from the root chakra that strikes into the heart chakra, and it feels almost sexual. Your crown might also begin to tingle and feel as though there are insects underneath.
The problem with this however is that since you re an open channel there’s no way of knowing who is going to show up. So it’s not specific. I’ve channeled a few beings this way and keep a pen with a writing pad on my lap. Don’t worry about trying to keep up with what your hand is writing, you’ll lose the connection that way. Just wait until the being is done and read it after… that was my problem for a while. Also remember that youre in control at all times so you may end the channel whenever you like.


Sexual doesn’t make it weird at all. Magick gives all sorts of satisfaction. That really helped. Thank you!

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No problem! :blush: