Need advice after working with Sallos

Hello! I worked with Sallos last night and I have to say it was a very powerful moment. I used him for matters of love with an ex.

Well last night I had this overwhelmingly vivid dream that I ran into the ex and he was blatantly texting another person and very open about it.

Was this a sign from Sallos? I believe he was trying to communicate to me that there may be a barrier. Another person.

So I was thinking of maybe calling on Dantalion to assist?

I’ve never used multiple spirits at once so I just had some questions:

Should I wait 24 hours?

Should I request that spirit to WORK with sallos on this matter?

Also need some good “letting go” tips because I tried really hard to let go after performing the ritual but that dream put me in a tail spin.

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Good luck with your spell and endeavor hope it works out well. :slight_smile:

I’ll take that as a good sign, in the sense that lease you’re getting back some traction. Hope it leads to more clarity. Can I ask you though, which steps did you follow to work/evoke Sallos? I tried a couple of days ago and really felt it was a failure and I’m not sure I’ve felt anything at all. If you don’t mind, could you tell me how exactly did you do to peform that and have you used any tools in the process? Thanks!

Thank you!

Sure. I did a combo of things. Pulled inspiration from past things that I know work and advice after heavy research from this forum and other articles.

So from my understanding you don’t really necessarily NEED anything other than your intention and focus. There are a few things that are very helpful, though.

I played in the background sallos’ enn chant. If you search “sallos” in YouTube it’s the first thing that pops up. It’s great meditation music.

For me I use candles to trance myself out and focus on my intention. I have read a lot of people using red candles for Sallos. I also use EA’s method for love spell candle magick to help get myself into that focused trance state. Once I had that focus and relaxation I shifted my attention to the sigil.

I traced Sallos’ sigil on 2 different papers in thick black ink. On 1 sigil I wrote my petition on the back, folded it 3 times TOWARDS myself and placed in under my red candle. I made sure it was still facing me. The other sigil I propped up behind the candle so the only thing to focus on other than the candle was the sigil.

I REALLY recommend reading EA’s post on sigil work. It mentions that it will flash when you focus on it and begin to appear “3D” thats when I really felt the power wash over me. And I really felt sallos by my side. There was a moth on the wall that stayed there while I was getting focused, once the sigil began to flash the moth flew TOWARDS me. I can’t describe the feeling really but I was confident.

I also placed whiskey by everything as an offering.

So for me: whiskey, sallos enn chant meditation, red candle, and my sigils. Really simple materials to compile but a lot of that stuff is for YOU. Remember that. This is about what gets you into that higher mindset to focus.

Your intention and focus is what is KEY that I still honestly struggle with.

The other most important thing is that you stop doubting yourself. Have faith, know and believe that he is at work for you and act as if you have already reached your goal. Then let it go. That’s so hard for me but I’m getting better.

Once I felt the power I exclaimed my intentions to sallos and offered more payment and gratitude for the future. I asked him to go to work for me and snuffed my candle. My whole body felt warm and light.

I have gained so much insight with sallos and I am so thankful. Just now wondering if I need some backup from Dantalion :woman_shrugging:t2:

Wish you luck my friend.


Well you can repeat it with a slight change in the general outcome. There are workings that need 5 days for a strong result. Maybe you are familiar to the Temple of Ascending Flame Projects? They center on a God or Demon some 5 or 6 days, right? They have a website maybe you find some inspiration there

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Sallos does give you really vivid dreams… it was a sign from him