Need advice after possession experience

Hi, I’m new to this forum and it seems to be a good place to ask for advice.

Let me introduce myself, I’m 33 years old and live in Holland. I’ve had quite some experience with Magick in my teen years, mostly invocation of angels and deceased friends, but after a few frighting experiences I turned my back to it.

The last 2 months have been a frustrating period in my life, as I encountered some serious problems. I have spend nights trying to forget about them using a lot of drugs (way too much) and alcohol, almost not sleeping at all. Suddenly I was experiencing some poltergeist activity. First only as a ‘feeling’ of a presence which I dismissed. I assumed it was the cocaine. The next night however I clearly saw objects moving and I could no longer ignore it, but I wanted to. To overcome the fear I faced the energy I felt and told it it wasn’t real and that it couldn’t harm me. About 10 minutes later my living room window spontaniously broke into a hundred pieces.

My first thought was that I had mocked or ‘offended’ the entity and it was showing me just how real it was. I barricated the window and went to sleep. When I woke up I felt like a different person, in a bad way. I stared into the mirror and couldn’t recognize my eyes The days after that I got obsessed with everything that a christian would consider sins or evil. I spend hours listening to demonic prayers as the words seem to fill me, I felt this immense power growing and becoming an addiction. When I walked outside I looked at people passing by and I felt the urge to fight, even to kill them just to release the energy inside me. It was consuming me.

Yesterday I finally contacted an old friend who is very experienced in the occult, he adviced me to perform the lesser banishing ritual, and I did. And it worked. I felt a strong presence and asked the archangel Michael for assistance. Almost instantly I felt a transformation and I bursted out in tears because of the emotions. I felt pure positive energy fill my body and my house. I meditated on Michael’s energy and after a couple of minutes I was able to communicate. I asked him why I became the victim of this all and his response was “You have attracted negativity because of your behaviour.”

As I don’t really believe in the duality of good and evil, I asked him if I could contact any spirit (demon or angel) for assistance in the future, he answered me 'your focus becomes your reality, choose wisely which path you take". Is this a message as in ‘don’t get involved with demons’? Or was it my subconcious mind reflecting the values of the christian environment around me? I’m really interested in the opinion of you guys, as I’m sure some of you have experience with the evocation of demons. I’m want to take this path to the next step and use the power we all have, but I’m confused. Please advice, thank you!

I think at the moment you’d do best working with angelic forces until you’ve resolved this - in my experience demons can be helpful and even kind, they’re not all wicked beings looking to drag you down into sin and ruin, but if you have a problem then in my personal opinion, that’s not a line of work to investigate until the problem’s fixed.

Better to be too cautious for now, than end up in a mess.

I’m not a Christian by the way and never have been, and I personally believe most demons are actually older gods or other spirits who’ve been classified a certain way, nonetheless err on the side of caution until you’re back in a much stronger place, because if you have weaknesses in your energetic body, other lower beings can use those to attempt to derange your mind, there definitely ARE negative astral things out there and I’ve seen plenty when I did a lot of healing work.

They’re like the spiritual equivalent of bacteria or parasites and although they’re technically morally neutral, just trying to feed, they can have unpleasant effects on your life and self-respect, which then turns into a cycle of not trusting yourself, and lowers your spiritual immunity, so to speak, even further.

Angels in my experience are not cosmic hall-monitors who want to bully and harangue people into sheep-like religion, in fact they’re responsible for the creation of the normal universe, and will work very happily even with someone like me on all things that are within their stated area of interest, so don’t be afraid to call on them, and don’t worry that it equates to submitting to a religion, in my experience it doesn’t.

They’re there to help and exist on a level of love and boundless creative giving that the primitive religious view just doesn’t do justice to.

All just my opinion there, and hopefully you’ll get some other input as well regarding this. :slight_smile:

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Thank’s for the quick reply Eva, really appreciate it!

When you say ‘that’s not a line of work to investigate until the problem’s fixed.’ do you mean demons could take advantage of my situation (confusion, fear, low astral energy) and use this against me, as they are not pure evil but neither pure good, just like humans?

Some may, but I think it’s more likely that you’ll attract lower parasitic entities than hostile advances from (for example) any of the beings named in the major grimoires, who are usually not interested in messing with people for the sport of it.

So long as your energetic boundaries are weak enough to have permitted this to happen, in my opinion you remain in a vulnerable position to other passing forces and need to fix that before you take any actions towards working with demons.

Aside from the risk of lower astral parasites, demons can have a very overwhelming energy which (even though they don’t mean you actual harm) won’t always have your best interests at heart for anything outside the remit of their own speciality.

I think that’s more likely due to lack of understanding about the human condition and our psychological complexity than out of intentional malice, because demons can be very kind and helpful, but you need to be quite balanced (or at least, thick-skinned and stubborn) to begin working with them successfully.

Demons seem quite passionate beings with an intense and overriding love for their specialist area and that can be hard to handle, which I believe is why we hear the occasional story of people driven mad by working with them.

So you need to get your balance back after this experience and also strong psychic boundaries in place, otherwise it’s like inviting a fanatical Trekkie into your life and trying to have a conversation that has nothing to do with the USS Enterprise - futile, frustrating, and likely to result in bad feelings all round.

This thread has an outline of my current personal understanding of demons (I’m NOT claiming expertise, you never stop learning with this stuff, so don’t take that as law, it’s just my current perception) and this thread contains a description of someone’s first attempt to work with a demon which backfired, and the comments on that might give you some other perspectives on how demons can kick the butt of the unwary because they’re so enthused about their own desires.

So for now, my strong opinion is that you should get yourself back in balance and get whatever vulnerability left you open to those events closed, then you’ll be back in a good place and able to choose which beings to work with - it’s by no means a choice of only angels, or only demons, either: I work successfully with both (as well as various other spirits) and so do many other magicians.

Excellent post by Eva there.

Mtzo, It is my opinion that you would be best off working with the four Archangels of the LBRP, seeking balance and help in each of Their expertise. Michael for strength and protection, Raphael for his wisdom and healing (from any addiction or cravings you may have), Gabriel for the emotional stability he can bring and Auriel for grounding. Since you have successfully conversed with Michael the others should work the same.

These Archangels are the messengers of God (wether you believe in Him or not) and are great teachers and advisers, and will gladly help you to help yourself. I think they, and the others, are some of the only entities we work with who truly have our best intentions at heart without their own agendas, they do have agendas as all entities do, but theirs are in your best interests, generally.

I had a similar experience many years ago after taking a bunch of “legal highs” which caused me to stay awake for five days straight. It was the end of a long period of drug abuse for me (never stayed awake for five days from taking illegal drugs, but that’s another story).

After a few days of no sleep I started having bad panic attacks and the worst depression I’ve ever experienced. The apartment that I lived in already had a negative vibe, and there was a resident ghost who I mostly ignored, but during those five days, mirrors flew off the walls, I felt something sitting on my legs and a few other horrible things happened like a paperback of “The exorcist” just jumped from the bookshelf onto the floor and there was this awful feeling of being stalked and I was pushed a few times.

The person that I lived with experienced it too, I’m not sure why the external activity worsened through the drug taking, I think because all of my barriers came down and the “thing” was feeding off the anxiety and anguish in the house.

Well, that was the only time in my life that I started having thoughts about “sin” and “evil” and other Christiany stuff that I never connected with before. I was kind of going out of my mind a bit, and I think my intuition was telling me to call upon the Arch Angels or some very positive force to help me.

Luckily a friend of mine sensed that there was something very seriously wrong with me, and he actually did a protection ritual for me without me knowing, and I left that house and immediately was able to get some sleep and stopped feeling suicidal and quickly got back to normal, but the whole experience was pretty terrible. I haven’t had anything like that happen since then, but I don’t take drugs any more, and being more experienced with the occult now, I know how to protect myself.

I’m gonna take your advice Lady Eva and Alpha Scorpii and focus on those entities to balance up. Interesting story Aagaiza…I agree that the barriers indeed come down, I also felt that my lifestyle made me more receptive to astral energies. Come to think of it, a month ago I did a lot of third eye meditation and tried astral travel (with no profound results actually on that one, just the movement sensation and the head burst, but I didnt get pretty far out of my body). Maybe that caused the attraction as well.

What bothered me the most actually is that I kinda enjoyed the ‘possession’ and I wanted to give in to it as it gave me a sense of power. Normally I’m a very calm, respectful and loving person who never gets agressive, any type of negativity I always try to shake it off. But in this case it consumed me and it fascinated me. That’s why I’m using the word ‘possession’ even though it maybe wasn’t the case at all…

Any ideas on what these negative ‘parasites’ actually are and where they come from? Are they concious beings? Are they the result of the collective subconciousness or rather part of the universal energy just doing what they do?

I’m really not sure, but it appears that incidents with these astral parasites are on the increase and I’ve heard a lot of other people talking about them. I’ve had to clear them from my aura more and more frequently and they appear as black blobs with a low consciousness.

The most common parasites are a type of astral leech, they are black and slimy and look like slugs or leeches. The generally attach to humans on the back, between or around the shoulder blades. They have tentacles like a jellyfish that attach to the spinal column and nervous system. They feed off negative emotions and this is what draws them. As they get stronger they will influence the host toward more negative emotions in order to increase their food.

Almost every human will have at least one, usually more. They are fairly easy to remove, through hands on/psychic removal. Things like the LBRP, hyssop baths and sage smudging will also work, the problem is that they return quickly. The human organism is a lot stronger than these parasites so in total they cause little problem to an emotionally healthy human, but can cause big problems when we are emotionally weakened.

I am not sure of their nature but they are of very low consciousness and dont tend to plot, they do what they do because that is their nature.

I think they are of the Luna sphere, or at least have some connection with the moon. We have seen a marked increase in their numbers amongst Coveners on and just after Luna Eclipses, we think this creates a gateway that they come through from where ever they originate, or under these cosmic events they can multiply more than usual.

The days before I performed the LBRP I burned some white sage a couple of times a day, smoking out my whole body and every corner of the house, this seemed to have no effect however. If it was a parasite, in my case, it also wouldn’t quite explain the poltergeist activity I think, because that didn’t stop until I did the invocation…

Well whatever it was, it’s gone for now. Just finished a session with Raphael and I’m already beginning to feel the healing process. Didn’t have any luck though with the communication like I had with Michael, it was more like one-way traffic but I’m sure he got the message. :wink:

What is the LBRP?

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (or LBRP) is a ceremonial magic ritual devised and used by the original order of the Golden Dawn that has become a mainstay in modern occultism.


That seems to resonate with some of my own experiences. There is a powerful consciousness entity/ spectrum of human nature which I personally call - The Old Man. A very hard cruel fellow but also intense about his work, too intense. Seems to particularly hate Christian concepts and likes using word “gd” a lot. I have a series of questions for you.

Do you ever find yourself obsessed with some new work or odd drawings or sketchings of crude or childlike symbols which look similar to simple geometric structures like lines, dots, and circles?

Do you grind you teeth in the morning and occasionally wake up to yourself being hyper reactive and critical? Possibly even hearing angry voices which seem to merge with your own thoughts? Their critique seeming to make more and more sense?

Does the power you sense resonate when I say the words “dark red chi”?

As I said your description resonated with some of my own experiences so I may have seen into what you were saying more than I should have. Also, I have no intention of suggesting anything to you. It was purely my intention to inquire further if you may have noticed such a person through the sense.