Need a reading on this dream

I had a dream where I was haunted by dark forces, I got scared but I believe a spirit was there with me helping me.

When I woke up I asked about the dream and saw a vision of who I believe to be Lucifer hugging me and covering me, protecting me from malicious entities.

I just need to know if this is correct

@Mulberry maybe you can help me

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Sounds like there’s some underlying issues irl that re symbolized by the darkforces you saw and maybe Lucifer symbolizes the light indicating peace and security for you


Is this from divination?

Nah just basic symbolism

Yeah the symbolism will be personal to you, but the “dark” is usually the unknown, and you’re a student of the unknown, the hidden. Sounds like there’s abit of fear of the unknown going on, or that your subconscious is mulling over how much there is to yet learn.


Thank you, is this your interpretation or you used cards?

That’s my analysis. As a rule of thumb, start by looking for what each piece means to you. Dreams are almost never literal.

This is because dreams come from the subconscious, it doesnt speak language and it can’t count, this are skills of the conscious mind. So it uses stories to try to talk to you.