Need a name for primordial chaos spirits for my book

According to the book, demons are spiritual tricksters that create change. Their opposites are angels who maintain order. The two work in tandem as well in opposition. They both live in the spiritual plane. However, there are forces beyond these two that, not only do not serve a purpose for the spiritual universe, but threaten it. These forces are also the ancestors of both sides.

For the angels, they came from beings called Archons, celestial beings who behave off of programming set by a universal computer like entity called the demiurge, both I took from gnosticism. The demiurge and the archons value total perfect obedience so they hate free will and seek to assimilate free willed spiritual beings.

I do not yet have a name for the ancestors of demons, but they will come from a place of absolute primordial chaos where even death is not permanent. Long story short, death and the fragility of existence is what creates our known lives, so without it, these entities only know war and killing. And so they want to consume other spiritual races.

I don’t want to call them a different kind of demon. Any ideas or sources?


Could you ever truly name something shifting eternally like primordial chaos? Leave them unnamed.


Phil. You should call them Phil.

Why? Because primordial chaos just seems like a Phil.

And banishing doesn’t work on Phil. I know, I’ve tried.


You can find “name generators” online. It can help to boost your creativity.
Google - demon names generator.

How could I be so blind? Primordials is the perfect name. YES! Demons vs Primordials. Angels vs Archons.

Hiya OP! These guys sound like Mouths to me, or Carrion if you want to get precise.

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