Need a Little Encouragement

Hi everyone, these last few days have been very stressful and now today is trying to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I have been trying to sell a piece of equipment since last year and despite putting in all kinds of effort magickally it still hasn’t sold. Today I got a call from a man who said he wanted to buy it today. Initially I told him I couldn’t accommodate him today but after doing Neville Goddard’s sleep technique for only two days I thought you know what this is maybe the rapid results that the Goddard method promises. So I skipped work, and spent a few hours cleaning it up, during this time a heavy downpour happened. During cleaning it I also ripped a shirt and scraped my leg. Finally finished and called him only to hear he is no longer interested. I get back inside and my laptop is soaked, forgot it on my balcony and the rain drenched it. It’s not turning on now, I have it sitting in a bowl of rice. All my content is on that laptop. I am telling myself it has to turn on and visualizing seeing my customized boot logo come up on it.

Yesterday the bank wrote me to state they had made some miscalculations on my mortgage and I owe roughly $3000 in prepayable expenses. Then I have been trying my very best to get the equipment sold because I need roughly $15000 to complete the purchase of something thatI have already sacrificed so much for.

I am almost spent at this point.

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I’m sure you saw this, but guess the point is we all get it.

I still recommend the practical djinn magick by Corwin Hargrove for most everything you listed.

Sorry the worlds working against you, take control and show it that this your life.

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Hi @Keteriya yes I did see it lol how did you know. Even thought about putting my post as a reply in that topic. Thank you for suggesting djinn magick I have that book but for some reason I’ve never been that drawn to djinn but I am going to reread it now.

Trust me I have that attitude…I have a great comeback story every time the world seems to be against me I dig deep grit my teeth and usually bounce back well but with battle scars. I just wish there was an end all ritual that could be performed to give me a like a 5 yr break from things like these very tired of having to put so much energy out there for just about everything. I need to catch a break.

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I hear you, feel the same. Yesterday I was like I’m done with magic, done with life, I give up I quit, going to bed and not coming out till they find me dead.

Woke up and was planning my course of action before I got out of bed today, so guess. Guess I’m going to take this life by the horns and fck it all. Can’t loose anything else at this point ( nothing that matters to me at least) so at least I won’t have to worry about consequences of not thinking it through, or things not happening the way I want.

You seem to do like me, and look at all the new posts, so I just assumed if you looked before you posted you saw it.

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I felt that way yesterday but then I think how worse my life would be without magick. Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing too much magick and being impatient with results which causes me to use different systems to try and get my desire. Saturday night for example I did a demonic ritual and then on Sunday while washing dishes I sliced my hand on a knife, I couldn’t help but wondering if it was the demon wanting :drop_of_blood:. I used theodore rose’s pathworking book. I think I’m probably going to stop using it because it seems to be giving me results that I don’t want. I did two consecutive cleansings after that from draja’s spiritual cleansing book using ammonia and salt.

What you said was exactly how I felt in 2016 soooo much bad stuff had happened to me in the 2015-2016 period. Even right now I’m on my living room floor literally hyping myself up not to put my mind in that negative place but still feeling very weak. I’m glad you got up today with your :boxing_glove: on, I find that many of us on this path are hear because we haven’t had rosy lives and we are doing all we can to better our lives.

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I don’t jump around too much, but I do try new things probably more than others- I attribute it to the fact I have lots of time to read, so when I come across something that seems sound I’ll give it whirl.

Unfortunately nothing I’ve done lately, directly affected what’s happening- it was something I did about two months ago and well- I’ve not handled the aftermath well at all. I keep letting the human in me come out and react instead of thinking what I’m saying or doing in the real world through.

The new things I’ve added so far have only had positive results, but I wasnt applying them to the situation I should have most, I was taking the wait and see approach, I already did work there so just assume it’s somehow eventually going to just be okay.

Obviously, letting it go while being a negative Nancy in attitude only propelled it from bad to worse.

I’ve found the djinn to typically work faster than anything else I’ve done, demons to not work at all in ways I’d want them to- effective sure but not in ways I want at all. Angels alluded me for the most till I found a different system with different angels which has been going ok as far as inner changes. The loa seem to be the best with getting things done the way I want them to happen, but it tends to be the darker things, and require I learn how to do the work myself (my energy input, me directing it at my targets) rather than summoning and oh my wish be granted.

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The good part is you actually know what you’re doing wrong. Lol this sounds like a :two_hearts: situation and we both know that in these situations we tend to do some not so rational things. Is it too late to use magick to save it? Wait what am I asking it’s never too late to use magick. I tend to agree with you about the demons but it depends on the method that we use sometimes. Some methods are very risky and can cause things that we didn’t anticipate while still giving us our result.

I’ve started rereading the book I see that nothing for Tuesday can assist me so but going to something from the book this week.

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I’ll be honest and say most of the time I’ve used the djinn I’ve not used the day recommend. I’ve had… two rituals not work I think, out of using it around 30 times.

I’d say it’s too late, except it’s magic like you said so. One last whirl can’t hurt anything right? I woke up and opened the book before I was out of bed and screen shotted the rituals i need- but I did something different and screenshot the days too. I’ve never had the time to care about the days, but if it’s over, why not.

There is something from everyday I can apply to the situation or those around it so… maybe I’ll play by the rules for once. Can’t hurt I figure, if I’ve had great results on mostly wrong days, maybe it will surpass my expectations if applied the way Hargrove intended.


Now that’s something…can’t believe you still got results and didn’t actually use the correct days…seems u may be more skilled that you realize :slightly_smiling_face:

I feel you should also try it as the author said and maybe you would get even better results!

I’ve also taken to usually doing everything I wanted from the book at once- be it one or three or six rituals. Think I’ll stick to just doing the ones for each day that apply- if it’s two today and one tomorrow and three the next… figure I’ve never had issues stacking.

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I consider I could be. I’m an empath- in just about every technical classification, I’ve got memories from the age of about three of astrally projecting ( can’t seem to reproduce that now tho), times I’ve sworn a spirit was standing over me- and everyone told me it had to be nightmares- even when it was a real person that was dead… and I didn’t even know who they were till I saw a picture of them. I’ve had thirteen times that I can recall in this life that I should have died and luck brought me out without a scratch. I’ve always seen things I knew weren’t physical there, but never told anyone because I didn’t want to be freaking crazy. Someone finally told me if I could tell the difference from physical and what I see it isn’t crazy. Particularly since I’m anphantasic and to this after two years of Daily exercises trying to visualize - I simply can’t.

But then I keep saying the author probably just didn’t want people being ridiculous, set up what worked best for him, even tho I’ve simplified his process, I’d assume what ritual he put in was for beginners needing to be in the magical mindset…

So idk. Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s he over did it for the safety of newbies and to keep at least some magical aspect to the process.

Granted, I told you the situation started about two months, I haven’t worked with the djinn since. Except to scatter them last night because I was giving up. Wasn’t the right day either, but I pulled back everything I’ve done towards the situation at all.

I had the weirdest sensation- it felt like I was sucking energy up with both palms. Maybe I really reset it all magically speaking and that will aid me. Guess I should chose to believe that even if it’s not true? Since believing in stuff seems to help magic and doubting seems to kill it?

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Empath :slightly_smiling_face: ok soooo that’s how you know I read all the new posts lolz
Astral travel and projection seems to be all the rage now. I feel maybe if you really set about learning about astral you could reproduce. Damn @ 13 times, I’ve had two but who knows maybe more than that because sometimes we are about to die and not even know it. Oh Aphantasia may also affect astral work too I think. Several magick books say that you don’t have to visual a perfect image or if you have trouble visualizing substitute with one of the other senses like smell. You also have a point I didn’t think about in terms of how Hargrove structured the book as a newbie proof kind of work. Good point you have some people who after a few rituals become possessed and even insane. Others experiment and experiment coming out pretty much unscathed. I knew a guy that was doing a lot of crazy occult stuff, he was rumored to be possessed by spirits. Anyhow, in say 2013 he out of nowhere stabbed his mother multiple times, she survived. In 2018 he stabbed his girlfriend killing her and then the police who asked him to drop the weapon several times shot him killing him. It was rumored that his room had the craziest things in there. I say that to say I know some other occult people who make crazy seem normal and they are prospering day by day.

I feel some people are just more gifted and genetically built for this kind of thing.

I think you should definitely choose to believe and give then magical whip another crack at the issue. Don’t give up just yet!

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