Need a bit of help from some professionals about an experience I had two days ago

Hey so I don’t know much about the stuff to do with the paranormal and everything really I’ve only suddenly had an interest in it all, but two days ago I had a bit of a unique experience for myself at least.

Basically what happened was that recently I’ve noticed things which could be like a spirit or something I don’t know exactly because this is very recent but two days ago before I went to sleep I noticed things like the ceiling in the room I’m sleeping in going pitch black for a second and then returning to normal right after and mind you I didn’t have any lights on to cause that.

Another thing I noticed right before I slept that night is that there was a shadow which looked a lot like a hand or an arm go really fast down under the bed as soon as I noticed it. Mind you I’ve seen shadow people before so I assumed maybe it was just a shadow person might have realised that I noticed them and quickly went to hide under the bed or something.

The unique experience I had which at least I’ve never had happen before but maybe someone else who reads this has had it happen but basically for context as to why it was so unique for me is that when I am dreaming as my dreams always are I retain my personality and everything as normal like I’m basically myself in the dream as normal but with all the added extras of weirdness that a dream has. Now I’m generally a nice goofy guy who likes to make people smile and stuff like that,but in the dream I had two days ago it wasn’t a nightmare or anything but it was just seriously messed up and not because of anything happening to me but because of what I was doing in the dream.

The basic thing that happened was that instead of being my normal self in the dream it was like I was a completely different person and not a good person I mean like a genuine terrible person who went out to do something really bad to a specific person in the dream which was a young woman who I have never met before in my life. I’m not going to go into specifics of what I did in the dream unless someone really wants me to so they have more insight into what happened in the dream, but basically I wasn’t myself in the dream like I retained none of my personality or who I am as a person at all it’s like a different person was in control of what I say or do but the messed up part to me is that it felt normal to me until I woke up of course.

But yeah that’s basically it, and I just would like to see what peoples opinions are about what possibly happened that night so I have more insight as to what might have been going on and whether I should be a bit worried or not have to worry at all because as I said it’s completely new to me so never experienced this until now so anyone’s opinions about this are appreciated.

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I’m not a professional but it sounds to me like there is an open portal in your room.
I think most people would advise to cleanse your room and close it. The question is, why is it open?
If it’s not an open portal, maybe an attachment.
You say you have a sudden interest in the paranormal? What do you mean by that exactly?
Have you tried something before all this kicked off?

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Have things disappeared mysteriously, have there been any strange burn marks or scratches on your arms or legs?

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So basically the real only way I can explain it with the sudden interest is that recently like a week or two ago I’ve just ended up being really interested in things like the paranormal and everything for no real explanation to be honest. Before I wasn’t ever really interested in that stuff but I know recently I’ve been questioning a lot of stuff with my life in general and everything and so part of those things I questioned to myself was about things like the afterlife and the paranormal which all of this was very sudden like came out of nowhere.

I read up about things like the third eye chakra since I posted this topic as I know that the third eye was related to the things I’ve been questioning but I don’t think it’s 100% relevant in this case maybe partly but yeah it’s basically like the sudden interests was like I’ve been drawn to them with no real explanation so that’s as best as I can explain that feeling really.

Nothing has disappeared but now that you mention it when I woke up the next day I noticed I had a thin long line on my shoulder which had gone down my arm and I also noticed to small lines which looked like they were scratch marks but I wasn’t sure if that was relevant or if I had just slept weird during the night to cause those marks.

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I haven’t tried anything before having this sudden interest though or during the sudden interest I’ve mainly just been reading all the different stuff about the paranormal and everything because honestly it is all interesting regardless of whether I had this interest or not but yeah I don’t know the experience was completely new to me at the time so it’s why I came on here asking for peoples opinions and everything to see if anyone knew what might be going on.

For a bit more insight I’ve also noticed after that happened that I’ve heard random loud popping noises in different rooms I go in which happen pretty often at night but not so much during the day but I’ve sort of just thought of that as the house sort of resting like when you hear random creaks in the house for no reason but it’s really just the houses sort of way of resting because everyone would be asleep and everything.

Edit: so whether that’s relevant or not I wouldn’t know but thank you both for replying to me as I’m completely new to this type of stuff so I don’t know what’s going on haha :slightly_smiling_face:

2nd edit: I forgot to say that the past couple days I’ve been waking up with really bad headaches so maybe that’s relevant in some way but I don’t know

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The scratches are signs of infestation. From your comments on the dream and dark shadow hand, are signs that a hex has been placed on you by someone. I would perform a banishing ritual and a shielding ritual.


Could the hex have been placed on me by whatever the dark shadow hand belonged to maybe? Because I don’t know anyone personally who would have practiced putting a hex on someone especially not me. Would it be possible that any random person who practices it could have seen me and thought to themselves “I’m gonna put a hex on that guy” maybe? I’m very new to all of this so I’m sorry if I come across as annoying by asking a lot of questions.

Edit: also the scratches didn’t actually look completely like scratches they mainly just looked like thin lines really like they weren’t full on scratches is what I’m saying but yeah I don’t know if that makes much of a difference or not.

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No! Many are secretive about there practice and very few will disclose there knowledge especially for baneful work or hexes for revenge or petty jealousy.

In my younger days I too thought Witchcraft or sorcery was something from the middle ages, old myths and legends. Summoning demons to effect revenge or for gain, I thought was impossible and the work of fiction.

What I have learned to my chagrin and horror is that Witchcraft is very real and many people in the 21rst century do practice the black arts and Wicca to effect change.

This deity wants you to know you are under torment and is warning you that this hex is still ongoing and has transcended to you.

This is not a random act but someone who you know usually a former romantic partner has cast against you. Someone imposed a spiritual sanction on you with this hex all the signs are there. All the dreams and events are symbols giving you a heads up.

It could also be a person close to your parents was jealous and is obstructing your path instead of harming your parents they have hexed you, the most important thing in there lives, there children. This sort of thing happens a lot more often than we think. Sometimes, it just needs someone to stare at you with envy, and by doing so, gives you what I call the “evil eye”.

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Thank you for answering my questions you have given me more insight into what was going on.

Question about the deity then do you think that the deity in question was actively trying to warn me about this and that the deity itself isn’t actually a problem for me or is it that the deity is actually a big problem but it showing itself has made it more clear that someone has hexed me? Because as you said the deity is trying to tell me that I’m under torment and warning me about it but I don’t know for sure about all this stuff so I’m mainly asking this question for confirmation on whether the deity is actually out to get me or not.

Also about the hex again could it be that the hex has been put on me for a while but the effects of the hex has only just started coming up now?

One thing I’m gonna say in this reply is that the next night after the one with the messed up dream. I had 3 vivid lucid dreams in a row and every time I woke up from each one I went back into the same one and in it I spoke to someone which I can’t remember what they looked like but I was able to ask them questions about whether or not there’s like a spirit or demon maybe in the place I’m at right now (this place is temporary as I’m away in another country right now with family) and the person themselves wasn’t super talkative but they did say yes that there was like a spirit or demon in this place somewhere because my lucid dreams all took place in the same place I’m staying at.

Last thing is that after I woke up from the final lucid dream that night my arm felt like it had pins and needles in it while also sort of sleep paralysis effect but only in my arm and it felt like someone was trying to hold my arm still as if they didn’t want me to wake up and stay in that lucid dream. I don’t know if that’s a sign of a deity or spirit trying to help me or hurt me by keeping me still but the dreams themselves wasn’t messed up as they were actually good dreams and not bad like the main one I mentioned in the first place.

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Demons who have acceded to the hex will patiently wait until something of importance happens in there targets life and attack and make there victims as miserable as possible.

The myth of ghosts and that of someone dying on the property has absolutely nothing to do with the visions and harassment of the demon that was sent by a living Witch or Warlock to harm someone.

With Witchcraft you set your own limitations with your magical concept in which various fields of magical energy exist, your will or consciousness is the fundamental force to move your magic forward.

The magical forces of the world are controlled by nothing more than the will and concentration of the magician as you set your own limits some for gain and benefit, others for malice or revenge.

With the visions it giving you signs of the deity who has acceded to the hex and rendering harm. The woman in your vision what color clothing is she wearing and what color is her hair?

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Ah ok thank you for clearing that up about the fact that the deity itself is actually a problem.

The woman in the dream (which was the main target of the messed up things happening to her because of the fact that I was a bad person in the dream) from what I remember and I could be wrong because it was like 3 days ago now she had I believe reddish hair like the type of colour red when all your hair has been dyed but very lightly so that it’s a little bit of red and the clothes she was wearing was like just the average casual Street clothing for women really there wasn’t much sticking out when it came to her clothing she just looked like an average young adult around her 20s like me but I know she had relatively short hair but not to short to where people would think she’s a guy or anything like that.

In the dream though I know that she was actively scared of me and ran for her life pretty much any chance she had which at one point she took an extreme chance to try and get away but I will go into details about that if you want me to in another reply but at the end of the dream she gave into what I was trying to do and well when she did she basically went out of her way to make it painful for me which as the dream was one of those vivid one’s I felt it happen and yeah it did hurt but no injuries in the places I got hurt when I woke up so I don’t know but yeah the girl was generally a relatively skinny girl like sort of like what a typical teenage girls body would look like if they were in there 20s and not there teens.

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Enough said. The deity sent against you is none other than Baal, aka Bael or Lucifer. This indicates someone has knowledge of sorcery the use of magic, especially black magic and isn’t some beginning practioner. Time for honesty all the indicators are of a woman who feels threatened. Have you had a recent bad breakup or family squabble? If so, that is the person casting.


Ok thank you I will look into the demon you have mentioned to get more insight into what the demon is like and everything but yes there was a bad breakup I had around a month ago with a girl who was cheating on me and she is with that guy now (she is also the same age as me 22 but looks nothing like the woman in the dream)

I also have arguments with my younger sister who is in her teens and she also looks nothing like the girl in the dream either but yeah me and her have arguments a lot in general so it could be her as well but neither of them strike me as the type of person who would do magic or witchcraft but they both do have the tendency of that they don’t like me.

I know the girl I was with definitely would go out of her way to use me and manipulate me in some way if she had the chance and then put the blame on me but she also was terrified of things like ghosts and scary stuff because she is a paranoid schizophrenic and so she at the time stayed away from that stuff when I was with her so that is the contradiction for her.

For my younger sister she is dyslexic and so she can’t read properly so I honestly doubt she would be able to read and look into everything about demons and spirits and be able to understand it all but I could be wrong but yeah she don’t like me either so I don’t know.

Those are the two main people I have had problems with in the past but it could be someone else I don’t know. Is there any way I can find out exactly who it is which has put a hex on me or is it mainly that you have to play detective and find out yourself somehow?

By the way I’m going to be busy for a bit so I will probably be back in about an hour or two maybe a bit less than that but I will be back soon. Thanks again for answering my questions and helping me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok so I’m back now I went swimming for a bit and in the water I felt something on my leg like if something was running it’s hand down my leg so I’m assuming that’s the deity bael which done that.

Anyway is there any way I could find out the exact information of who has put a hex on me or do I have to play detective and figure it out for myself?

I don’t believe it is a family member but the former girlfriend. Not only did she cheat you but unforunately she forgot to tell you she practices the dark arts and has now hexed you.

The woman in your visions isn’t the person who has cast against you but the deity who is sending you visions, using symbols to identify himself and the reason for the hex.

The vision with pressure on your arm is indicative of assertive or dominant power, proving their powerful or showing power off that they have over you. I am holding your arm down as you have no defense and preventing you from harming someone.

The dark figure being formed with black on your ceiling as an orb is a demon of death and destruction, Bael, Lucifer rendering a severe warning. What ever your situation i would not trangress further. I would not make any further contact with your ex, do not respond to her if she contacts you and end the dispute.


Ok thank you for the information about all of this you have been a big help with helping me identify what’s going on :slightly_smiling_face:

One question about the hex though is the hex like a contract where the person and the demon make an arrangement and of course the demon goes and makes someone’s life miserable and mess with them and the person casting the hex has to offer or do something for the demon?

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Yes it could be a pact, once its cast its cast. But to my point i would break any communication and if this fued is continuing with emails i would say sorry its over I do not wish to receive emails or talk. I wish you luck and end the continuing dispute.

I would look into some banishing and shielding rituals as once a contract is made it is hard to rescind.

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Ok thank you for telling me and just for reference to what you were saying about break all communication with her well I haven’t talked to her since the break up as I told her to never talk to me again so if it is indeed her who cast a hex on me then it’s not because of us still talking and having arguments as I don’t want anything to do with her again personally.

Edit: I will look into banishing and shielding rituals though as you said

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