Need a bit of advice about how to deal with an enemy who is using Saturnian necromancy

How do you defend against a necromancer who is using Saturnian necromancy to attack with spirits of the Dead?

A while ago I created a space in my mind for me to commune with spirits and my ancestors, and just for me to hang out in whenever, because it was peaceful and made me feel relaxed. I guess it exists on the astral planes somewhere, because my enemies found it and used it to attack and torment me. Long story and I’m not going into details, but needless to say this has become a trauma spot for me and it’s a backdoor for my enemies. I have taken care of most of my enemies who by now know they’re on their last legs. I’m no longer having to deal with them directly and they can’t do shit to me anymore. So they’ve reached out to someone who is now using Saturnian necromancy to attack me. I’m currently dealing with the spirits of the Dead this person has sent to haunt me, and they did it via the backdoor I mentioned.

You might wonder how I know all of this. I’m informed by my spirit allies and I have the ability to see into the area that’s acting as a backdoor. So every time they attack, I’m alerted.

And you’d know if you were being haunted by the Dead. It’s not like being haunted by a low level demon or parasite. These are different.

I’ve tried my usual method of removing attachments and entities, but the person who sent the spirits of the Dead, and the spirits of the Dead are showing signs of resistance. So I’m now looking at Mestorat to chase the Dead back to where they belong, but I need a way to deal with my attacker.

I thought about sending her off to the underworld, but I’ve no doubt her defenses will be up and she’ll be on high alert.

What would you do?

PS I have BoA, KoF, Baneful Magick, Evoking Eternity, all the GoM books (including DoM), and I recently started working with Santa Muerte. I can’t evoke yet, but I can petition.


Wat exactly u want. Proctecion,? Get rid off, person,? Spirts,? I can recomend a book in french. Its not enghlis version. Or scribb. Pdf. Yet, but u will need translater for sure.


I am going to try Mestorat to get rid of the Dead. But I want the necromancer to stop, and begone. I need to stop her from sending more spirits and to stop her from using the backdoor. I can’t read French, and I don’t have a translator. :frowning:


Lmk chk my library some books i got, in french are translated but short in rituals.or cut the hardcore parts. U can pm. In week ir 2 and i give u the tile, info or ritual. Something like hide from witches, etc.

I can’t hide. If you understand what I wrote about the backdoor, you’ll notice it’s a part of my mind, which is heavily traumatised - and is a link to the non-physical version of the place I mentioned.

Lmk chk very quick. And see i may pm soon

Ok so u want a cover of darkness so he cnt see u not more,? Or want to fix things,? Pr proctecion. Im chking wuick but not get u point

I tnk i got u 1

Well, I can’t think of a direct method but don’t your enemies have to be offering something to the necromancer in return for her help? If so then just finish them all off so they can’t offer her anything, so that might cause her to call it quits. If not then you could still do the above method after you finish them off you can ask a spirit that’s good at persuasion to go and persuade her to stop.


Do you know the identity of the saturnian necromancer? I´m not asking you to name that person, I ´m just asking for the sake of it.

Realise that you you are the master of your own universe the god of your cosmos, the center of universe, with that passion say I am a god because I am and then banish them

Help is on its way :pray:
All praise to V.K. Jehannum in this case.
Ask and you shall receive :fist:


They have weeks at most to live, according to one of the spirits protecting me.

They were bound so that they’re unable to use magick themselves. I also cursed them with the chicken feet curse a short time ago and sent one of Azazel’s spirits to fuck with them a while before the chicken feet curse (one of the instructions was to ensure their loved ones and the rest of the world turns against them), so whoever is attacking me now isn’t doing it for love.

In the meantime, they’re grabbing at straws, paying people to attack me. The attack from the necromancer is money-motivated, I’m sure of it.

I just don’t understand why some are so stupid. Surely if they were wise, they’d divine the story they’re given, to ensure they were told the truth before launching an attack against someone they’ve no idea about. If the bruja (yes they went to the bruja before the necromancer, and she’s either died or backed off in fear of being killed), and this necromancer had done their due diligence, they would have realised they were lied to, and that I’m not only heavily protected but that I’m ruthless enough to literally wipe them off the face of this Earth, and that money is not worth fucking with me! And they would have realised their clients have no hope. My allies have told me that when they die, they’ll be taken straight to where they belong. So no tour around the Bardo realms for them either! :wink:

I’ve put their deaths into motion because I’d been fucked with heavily by them for a long time, and I’m sick of this war. It’s tiring, boring, and definitely isn’t my cup of tea. I have better things to do with my time, money, and energy. I have a life to rebuild, I have to heal the damage they did to me over the years, and they’re so stupid and relentless that they wouldn’t stop. My spirit allies assured me I’m well justified in all of this.


No I don’t have her name. I knew about it because I’m able to see into the space that is now a backdoor for them. She looks to be probably in her 50’s, short, white, and has short curly, dark hair. She was seen sneaking in, trying to remain unseen, and beckoning spirits to come in. The next thing I knew, I have the Dead screwing with me. When I saw what this woman was doing, one of my spirit allies told me “Saturnian necromancy”.

Thanks. I’ll keep Murmur in mind should I need his services. I already have decided to work with Mestorat who will chase the Dead back to where they belong, and he can protect me from them. So the problem for me now is dealing with the necromancer, because she’s showing signs of resistance, and causing the Dead to do the same. So Murmur might come in handy in that respect.

Can Murmur also deal with other types of spirits sent to attack me? I have a mix of demonic (infernal, probably) and possibly some servitors or split off energies from my enemies in my aura and energy body. Also a demon that possesses me (not a perfect possession at this point). One of them fiddles with my shower when I’m taking one, by making it switch on and off repeatedly until I get out of the shower. So I’m looking for a way to kick its ass.

Also, when I was giving an offering earlier, I was told Orobas can help with protecting against the necromancer using the backdoor. Have you guys got any experience with Orobas?

Good luck and stay cautious just in case she has any tricks up her sleeve. All power to ya. :+1: :smiling_imp:

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Saturnian Necromancy such as in Necromantic Sorcery?