Need 4 dream interpretation

I had a dream some time ago that caused me to be very happy & at peace.

Though, I dearly desire to transition (mtf) in this dream I was a child whose identity was androgynous, but just on the edge of puberty.

I was nude, in a massive gardened parades. The weather was a perpetual spring & the primary features of the garden was a large walled maze of honeysuckle vines in full bloom. I could smell them, & feel the warm of the sun on my bare skin. I looked down, noticing I was nude, but couldn’t make out any genitalia. All I was faced with was a blank blurriness of any primary sex characteristics. There were other children, of different ages, each nude, like me, though their genders were quite clear. My hair was to my shoulders, & sandy, like I had wanted it when I was a child.

All around me came the sounds of children’s laughter & mirth, at play. It wasn’t of a mocking tone, but of play & joy.

I walked with a young girl, who seemed to be broad shouldered & strongly built, but her face was hidden from me, like my genitals. She, like all of us, struck me as being beautiful. She spoke in an ambiguous tone, & called me by a name which I could not make out. But, I knew that I knew it, somehow. She was still young but in the early stages of puberty. I recall her breast, small buds, about an A cup, & her skin a native bronze of Native American bloodline. Her hair was a dark Auburn, like mine gets in the winter.

She called me over to an old greek stone fountain where fairies flew to & from, kissing our cheeks & tickling us with their laughter & joy which spilled from them through their light.

The fountain was a spring that was little more than a dark stone, shell basin with the water bubbling from the mouth of a sitars head which was nearly over grown with lush, full leaves if Ivy. The water spilled from the sitars mouth, into the basin, where it over flowed into a reflecting pool lined with smooth white stones which reminded me of stars. About the fountains base, bathed starlings… which I became fond of about the age of 12 when I raised one which my sisters had rescued from the cat, after it’s nest had fallen from the tree in our front yard.

We drank from the pool, but before I could take a sip, having cupped it in my hands, I woke up.

Analyse away people: I’m interested in seeing what turns up.

Side note: I ended up choosing my name, “Bellamy Harper Wren” not too long after. The name “Bellamy” just felt like, & turns out can be used for either boys or girls… And though it has roots in Irish, Scottish & Scandinavian cultures, it’s meaning in French is “fair friend”. It just felt right before I found out anything about its origin & meaning. My heritage is Irish, German, Scottish, French, Scandinavian, & Native American.


Most vivid one I’ve read yet I have to ask did u ask anyone for a message by chance?

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No, @bunny4cam I hadn’t.

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Only thing I get from this is you want peace peace of mind and physical peace maybe things in your life are chaotic and you want things to change…change is coming soon…very joyus and happy change

That’s what I’m seeing not to say I’m right or anything cause I don’t know your home life

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I have been dealing with gender dysphoria all my life, to some degree. So much so that the first time a Doctor turned me down for recommendation for HRT (hormone replacement therapy) & told me no Dr. would ever give me the recommendation, it had a roll in me deciding to attempt suicide (I almost did it too).

They have diagnosed me as either skyzo-affective or schizophrenic due to them mistaking my clairvoyance & clairaudiance & beliefs for systems of a psychotic disorder & delusion.

I’ve asked one doctor already, & they turned me down. I asked another, who I’m now seeing, 2 years ago & she said she wouldn’t recommend it at that time. Yet, sense then I’ve showed marked improvement in my over all health as I have systematically requested to be taken off medications.

Sense stopping those medications my Dr. & therapist have come to trust my insight to my own mental, emotional & physical health. As though they were skeptical at first, many of my physical & mental ailments turned out to be caused by the medications I was on. This was all prior to the dream.

The dream came when I decided to ask them for their recommendation once again, this time asking Lucifer for aid in persuading them. He didn’t say anything though. He just grew silent & after some time, left. That night I had the dream.

Sense then, I’ve dedicated myself towards changing my understandings & looking for ways to improving my income greatly … For the double purpose of bank rolling a possible transition & using my education in the arts, as well as using the occult to fulfill some long held dreams.

I made a pact with Lucifer concerning the matter, of my transitioning & all that it would require. I haven’t heard anything on the matter & know don’t feel the need to bug him. I don’t wish to be a pest.

Sense then, I’ve had great amounts of inspiration towards a book I’m working on & plan to publish. I also have pre-order some necessary books to use to gain some better control & skill with my divination & talents. one being one of E. A.s books.

I also have found a greater level of peace with more spirits I do encounter, after dedicating myself to Lucifer & working to rebuild our previous relationship… One he had expressed he desired to rebuild. I don’t worship him, but I do deeply respect & actually love him. We are rebuilding a father - child / student - teacher relationship that he & other spirits admit is more mature as I’ve matured.

I’ve finally embraced my gifts & have made peace with them, instead of seeing them as unwanted burdens.

And decided to exercise my rights & tell my Doctor to step me off all the psychoactive drugs that dampen my gifts … Though the dose I’m at doesn’t stop them entirely.

I live alone with my cat.

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It could symbolise rebirth or your desire/anticipation for a new life.

The young native girl. Possibly an ancestor of yours.

The way you described yourself and your surroundings reminds me of the time before we choose our life and body. You were taken back to that place.


That’s an interpretation that I gathered, & a feeling I had, though I didn’t know about such a place.

I had the same thought, & felt that the name she used was a Native American name that sounded familiar to me. For some reason I’m reminded of a Blackfoot name that my Great-Grandmother (who was full blood Native) used to call me. “Hurit” which I later found is a girls name, but means Beautiful.

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