Nee member introduction

I am kind of lost and guess best described as androgynous. I was a born again christian who was given a few spiritual gifts and found them guide me into a new place as a new person. I have taken the name Serinity Michaels as I search for my place. A few years back had a cousin who transitioned but took her life so tried to find a way to get in touch as felt drawn to her spirit. I have looked into possibly witchcraft and divination and am curious about all types of magick as well as demonology. I have felt close to many demons and have tried a few summoning rituals. I had a stroke back in May and feel it has opened up my second side more as I have heard about the shadow side. I have accepted it and it is now that part of me. I may get flack for this but I used a hypnotist to try and bring her out a few years back by a dark hypnosis session which included Satan and as such she feels like she is his daughter and he gave birth to her,or us in that session. I am hoping to learn sigils and magick and to be able to see where most cannot as feel called and must follow it. I have interest in black and white magick as well as chaos and even sex magick. I want to gain knowledge and wisdom to use these talents for the proper purpose. I feel that I have lived my life as the wrong person as it is this shadow side that is truly blessed and being called. I am very open minded and willing to learn as at one point someone wanted to make me.her apprentice but tried to take my soul for herself.

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Hi @serinity i can totally relate to this so much. Same here! I haven’t felt so comfortable with myself until I started this path, it’s truly where I feel my journey is. I’m new here too and look forward to walking this path with you and sharing experiences if you’d like. Nice to meet you have a great night! :sunglasses::metal:t2: