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I just started Mastering evocation, and in 1st video E.A. is mentioning a book he has bought to start learning on evocation he says something about necronomicon , somone actualy knows the author of the book that E.A. is talking about ? as i found there are lot of versions i would like to read the book to just get more understanding of things before starting any evocation, to just be good informed , i am taking very serious evocation and i would like to have some basic understanding before starting ,
Thank you all in advance ,


The original author of Necronomicon is H.P. Lovecraft. It is, from a public point of view, a “fictional” grimoire, but that particular book has been tested successfully by several magicians since the release in 1922.

I have never read that book, nor tested the evocations from it. But the myths and stories from that book is very fascinating.

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The most common version of the Necronomicon is the Simon version, which you can find in practically any bookstore. It’s a simple paperback which contains sigils for the “50 Names of Marduk,” based on Sumerian mythology (and has nothing to do with the Necronomicon created by HP Lovecraft, other than the name). There is also the George Hay Necronomicon which is a badly cobbled together pastiche. Recently, there is a Donald Tyson version, which tries to wedge Lovecraft’s entities into an elemental pathworking.

I believe EA was talking about the Simon Necronomicon,


Thank you all for help greetings meanwhile I read it the Simon version and it’s great book I recomand it

There is also the Necronomicon Spellbook by Simon, which has simple evocations of the 50 names of Marduk.

I have found that there are several versions of the book. I found the more popular ones, including several derivative books on amazon fairly cheap.

I’ve used the spell book with success, I’ll post a separate thread on it if anyone is interested.

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Could you please give more details about the spells that worked for you?

Could you please give more details about the spells that worked for you?[/quote]