Attention fellow followers of ways mysticism. I come to you with an important question. Is Necronomicon true and if it is not, to what degree it is?

Quoranon selaria oso mahoq!

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I believe there are gems within it, but you are going to have to do a lot of filtering.


There is alot to be gained from the current. If you dk a search here you’ll fins alot that had been posted.

Short answer? No, it is not an ancient text. It does not really matter, though. It is a complete system and it does work, and the entities called forth are quite real, albeit perhaps interpreted differently than the original people of Sumer. Many of the better known occult texts are not “authentic”, but they can still produce results. The Keys of Solomon were not written and passed down by Solomon. It is almost certain that no man named Abra-Melin ever existed. Those systems work as well.

Which one?

The Simon Necronomicon works. The Tyson Necronomicon works. The Black Book of Azathoth works.

It is all fiction, and it all works.

How can it work if it is all fiction?


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First consider that many of the entities in the Simon edition are actual historic gods. Pazuzu, Marduk, etc are all beings that were evoked 5,000 years ago. It stands to reason that if the manufactured system is complete then it can result in success with contacting these beings.

As for the ‘fictional’ beings, I am on the fence as to whether they are even fictional. When you consider possible deific masks and general energetic archetypes those fictional beings might not be fictional st all.


The simon necronomicon deals with the Sumerian pantheon more than the entities lovecraft dealt with. Lovecraft openly stated himself as a materialist and his work as fiction.

But the interesting thing about his work is a fair bit of it holds many deep occult principles in it that most find on their own in time.

Part of why the questions of “if the old ones are a work of fiction how can we work with them” comes up so much is cause they havent been documented as much as older deities and yet there are many, myself included that have gotten results working with them.

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Simple. Everything is a mask for universal archetypes.

You can evoke the Marvel Coimics version of Thor just as easily as the historical Thor. You can evoke Bugs Bunny as a representative of the Trickster Gods if you want to. All it takes is your belief.

There are demons and angels, and fairies, and nature spirits that all represent the current of Love. Scrooge McDuck is the perfect mask for the wealth archetype.

Invest enough belief and you can evoke anything. Practitioners of Chaos Magick are very well known for using belief as a tool. The author Phil Hine has evoked the characters of Narnia, the “Old Ones” of Lovecraft, and the Lord of the Rings characters in his writings.

That’s why I say it’s all fiction and it all works, because it does, if you invest enough belief in it. The Simon Necronomicon has nothing to do with Lovecraft and uses Sumerian mythology, and it works, even though it is easily seen as a patchwork of myth cobbled together, and nowhere close to true Sumerian magick.

Belief is a necessary part of magick. That’s why atheists are never attacked by demons but Christians are. In fact, one of the most potent methods against psychic attack, is to completely withdraw your belief from it. It lessens the impact considerably (it is also very difficult to do if you are a practitioner of magick yourself because you are essentially denying your own worldview).


Sure it does.
Kutulu and Azathoth are both found there, as well as the ‘author’; Abdul Al-Hazred was an aberration of Lovecraft. Perhaps those were added by the author as a point of sensationalism, as a blind, to capitalize on Lovecraft’s work, etc. Who knows?

Sure they are, they just don’t experience full possession. I have personally seen something try to oppress a hard line atheist, but the person just shrugged it off as an off day, so it never progressed beyond that. Eventually the nasty just moved on and the victim went about his business none the wiser.

Yes, but he also pulled much of his inspiration from dreams. Take that however you wish, but I feel it makes a good case that Lovecraft might have been receiving some ideas from external sources in his sleep, despite his belief to the contrary.

Basically to capitalize on the names. The bulk of the work is around Sumerian lore.

Oh i know lol ive had my own deep dive into this current. It is what brought me to the work i am doing now on the path of smoke.

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That’s quite lame. So you can’t kill atheists through magic.

@DarkDingDong Of course you can. Killing someone with magick is not the same thing as that person being possessed by an entity.

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Killing someone with magick is different from being possessed by a demon. Edit: @Woodsman81 beat me to it!

From Baneful Magick by EA Koetting:

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I didn’t say it’s not possible. It’s just harder because their world view gives them protection.

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Yep. Even then, it is not really harder as much as it just requires a different approach. When you work a bane against an atheist you just adjust the focus of the spell from the target in a direct fashion to the circumstances and environment of the target.

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Ive found collasping and binding their life into a state of insanity AND life works quite well. :japanese_ogre: opens theit mind of the the possiblity of scarier stuff lmao

also it works pretty good on its own lol :face_with_monocle: havent had a reason to use this one in awhile tho so maybe people have gotten some sense lol :rofl: