Necronomicon without opening the gates

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There is an entity in the Necronomicon which I think would be appropriate for a task.
However, I do not accept the HPL mythological paradigm, nor have I opened the gates.

I want to use the sigil as I would the sigil of any demonic entity, making contact and summoning, and assigning the task.

The anecdotal evidence suggests that these Necronomicon entities are extremely powerful and dangerous.

Has anyone who has worked with them without opening the gates found them to respond in a way similar to Goetic spirits ?

thanks in advance

You can evoke them or just do sigil magick like most entities. The gates are to be walked during astral explorations.

Agreed. the gates or mostly for YOUR benefit, not theirs.Pazzuzaa can manifest any place where right angles meet as can Azagtoth I have heard.

Where are you getting the Mackical information on the Necronomicon guys? I have read most all of HPL mythos stories. Love them. But my understanding is that the Necronomicon is a fantasy creation and the mad arab Abdhul Al Ahzred is a John Doe arabic everyman ie a fiction. I suspect Lovecraft was tapped into deeper and darker truths. Whether out of conscious magickal intention or unconscious intuition i am not sure. But still. Who where and when was the truths behind his mythos magically explored or written about?