Necronomicon Spellbook Question

Hey BALG, I was reading my copy of the Necronomicon Spellbook by Simon, and I read that the seal of the spirit must not be seen before or after the spell. My question is, what would happen if the seal is seen by accident after the spell been succesful?

Thank you

The book says that you can do a spell for up to three days in a row, so you have to see the seal before and after the spell. You should put it away when not in use.

Sorry, I made my question wrong. What I meant if others see the sigil?

That just begs the question as to who u would leave it out for other people to find. I highly doubt there is any sort of hard fast rule that says “ok, this person used the sigil and this other person say it. Therefore the spirits in the book will not answer you.” Where is the logic in that? I lean more towards the idea that the book says not to let others see it for reasons such as they may start asking you tons of questions on what you’re up to, their doubt may become your doubt, etc. That’s my opinion anyways.
It’s funny, last week I took a few days away from work and dug out my necronomicon books as well. I used to look at the small ritual in the spellbook one way a few years ago (the last time I actually used the Simon books) and now going through them again, while doing oaa work, I can see them in a different sense.

like the pentacles of solomon and other “charged” sigils of history, common to the collective unconscious and holding a particular power of their own, if other people see them once you have started using that technology, you run the risk of their subconscious actually interfering with the energetic trajectory you have established.

it’s like if you set something up that requires precision (for example, personal settings on a guitar amplifier, a computer system, laboratory equipment etc), and don’t warn others not to touch your stuff. you can imagine that, even without hostile intentions, their influence will send your stuff out of whack. with magical technology and sigils etc, once you have directed energy toward a task which is represented by, or manifested through a sigil or other picture, it should not be seen by others at least until the objective is accomplished.

this is because the energy pattern you released is subject to external influences. to this end, psychological retraction is necessary to not derail the operation through excessive worry about the outcome, and if others get “close enough” to said energy patterns via exposure to the sigils used, their subconscious minds will add their own influence to the mix, and send your efforts off course. in an extreme example, a death working or other curse could redirect itself to whoever sees the sigil(s), as magic takes the path of least resistance to manifestation. worse still if they are curious about it, or recognise the pictograms as being “something to do with magic”, as they will then form an active subconscious association with them, and pull your carefully projected energy current into their subjective universe, changing the original and desired outcome.

this is the same reasoning behind “to know, to dare, to will, and to keep silent”. if you tell people about your rituals before they’ve manifested, then their simply knowing about the currents you’ve put into motion could easily alter the course of events, and a critical “coincidence” or happenstance could fail to come about, rendering the operation fruitless.

kind regards, Tj.

Unless the purpose of a talisman is to influence others, it’s best to keep the energy to yourself. If nothing else, it keeps you from breaking silence and talking about something you’re waiting for results on.

Thanks guys. It does really explains a lot.