Necromonicon from a demonalator’s perspective

Hello all,

As a demonolator i rarely use protection such as circles . Would it be sage to summon the necromonicon beings in the sane way. Hence call them with or without a sigil and without a protective circle?

Just curious about your thoughts on this.

I work with some of them, calling them to me with no protection. I would be careful though, one of them is almost too much for me to handle and that is not something that happens often. The ones I have worked with (Yog-sothoth, marduk, enki, enlil, erishkigal) dont appear to be particularly malevolent but the uncaring part is totally spot on.

That being said most of those spirits are taken from older religions. The only ones that have given me trouble are Yog and Erishkigal. Yog because he is soo damn big and powerful; he is the gate, the gatekeeper, and the key to all things. Even when Ive connected to the “Akashic Records” (which never impressed me) I have experienced nothing like it.

Erishkigal gave me problems because I was younger and going through my initiation which was already a lot to handle. I destroyed her sigil and did some quite distasteful things to her. She says she has forgiven me but I havent worked with her since. There might be some truth to what the necronomicon says about her luring people to their destruction, and being wantonly cruel. Not that I have direct evidence and it could be paranoia but who knows.

What I want to get at is go for it, but be careful and keep your wits about you. I have always been curious about the watcher rituals outlined within but havent known how to work with them myself. That might be something to look into.

Technically, a sigil may help contacting the right entity and a circle puts the operator at the center of the universe so in touch with Spirits etc. You may try using them, at least the first time to see how you feel about it.