Necromicon vs demons of goetia

Hey everyone I was willing to know demons of goetia can do almost everywork then why necronomicon or necromancy is considered potent and lethal ??
Kindly give me insight

Not sure of Necro book .but in necromancy try take u energy life,suck you u vitality.and make you weak and older,even if you follow the rules vampirism too. Tru I never heard bad of the necromomicon .nothing of bad energy ,

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Necromancy and necronomicon are not the same thing. One is a path and one is a book. Although they can intermingle, you can do necromancy without the necronomicon. Necromancy is lethal due to working with death and spirits. I can’t speak much for the necronomicon.


The spirits of the Necronomicon are generally more chaotic. To understand them is to become insane. Goetia spirits are easier to command.
For example, Andromaleus will protect your living space while Nyarlathotep will grant you knowledge by way of insanity. You’re more at his mercy.


Life is lethal.


I can’t speak on the Necromicon, but Necromancy in general is working with the spirits of the dead. Ones who you have to learn about as you go, and therefore can be more dangerous, some can even be vampiric.The Goetic Demons are all documented by various practitioners and therefore are easier to understand how to safely communicate with them. They also have no interest in taking energy directly from you and will just take it in the form of offerings that they like.

Feel free to correct any of this you do not agree with.

This is like asking if a knife can kill you why is a gun lethal.
They’re all potent and lethal - “you pays your money you takes your choice”.

The Necronomicon is not necromantic. It is a fictional book referred to in the works of H. P. Lovecraft, particularly The Call of Cthulu written in 1928. A few mages have attempted to create versions inspired by the novels- e.g. the “Simon Necronomicon”. These form what some call the Lovecraftian current. It’s less than 100 years old. This is considered a type of chaos magic, and are other currents inspired by works of fiction, such as working with the Daedric Princes from Elder Scrolls.

Necromancy is a different current, as people said, it’s all about working with the dead - as in, actual people that have died. It is a much older tradition going back thousands of years and into prehistory. Traditional witches, Vodoun practitioners, shamans, occultists of all traditions work with necromantic energies, but may not call it that.


Some would argue that Lovecraft was prophetic. At any rate, being haunted by Nyarlathotep could seem very real to some. At least Sheogorath had a more accessible sense of humor, am I right :joy:


Perhaps to some.

Yeah, I’m in the camp that considers Lovecraft’s nightmares which inspired him horror books could have been contact from the old ones. After that, humans use language as the tool to help us think about things, and Lovecraft provided that language for these entities. At which point, they’re as real as any other entity.

Though, that’s a little different to my opinion of, case in point, the Daedra, which I think are entities created by the mind of man, fed and given life collaboratively by humans as creator beings themselves.