Necromantic Sorcery

Next grimoire i am after is Necromantic sorcery by Donta, the one sold on Ebay is a Deluxe Lether edition for 3000 USD reduce to 1500 USD way out of my price range, i notice become a living god catalogue still shows the book but all sold out why advertise but none available.:metal:


I will send you something in pm

Yea sadly sold out and now to be find for absurd prices.
I believe Balg has all previous books only to show what types of things the site is promoting so one can know whatvto expect.
Had Dante still been working with Balg then perhaps a pdf version would be sold but that probobly wont happend.

I still have no idea why he left or what happened with him…Where is he now anyways???

I will have save up to 2000 AUD if it goes full price 4000 AUD it is not going anywhere soon, i think i know why Dante is not with balg, his body was shutting down explained all about it, in one of Dante YouTube clip

Why didn’t he ask a goetic spirit to heal himself.:metal:

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