Necromantic sorcery


So Hades isn’t the ruler of Hell then?..


Correct. Satan is. Hades rules the underworld in Greek mythology, the realm of the dead.


The Greeks didn’t have a Hell, or a Heaven. Those concepts were created by the Christians. As Euoi said, Hades rules the underworld, where ALL the dead go, good and bad. If I remember my mythology right, the noble and “good” souls went to the Elysium Fields, which is still part of the underworld and ruled over by Hades.


so what’s the connection of Samael and the grim reaper
with Hades?.


There isn’t.
Samael has nothing to do with Hades whatsoever. The Greek “grim reaper” was alternatively Thanatos (Death) or Hermes Khthonios (Chthonic/Subterranean Hermes).


[quote=“Dani123321, post:24, topic:3287”]so what’s the connection of Samael and the grim reaper
with Hades?.[/quote]

I figured it might be prudent to provide that in combination to what Euoi has expressed, along with others.

The Greek pantheon is below the primordial and the personified gods of the same mythology. Tartarus itself is both a realm and deity simultaneously; Hades just “rules” over Tartarus from within. There’s little in terms of personality or any form of psyche associated with Tartarus, alluding to the possibility that it remains relatively dormant.

Perhaps it uses Hades as an agent of its own will, allowing him the pleasure of lording over this internal landscape while simultaneously feeding upon the suffering of those who dwell there…with the exception of those noble souls sent to that little corner of paradise within the belly of the beast.

Maybe Tartarus is a ravenous deity that brought such fear upon the Greek gods that they appointed Hades to dwell there and ensure that every mortal soul was pulled into the belly of the beast…else they face that hunger turned upon themselves instead.

Food for thought, har har.


Hades was the harsh, ruthless judge and ruler of the domain of the deceased soul but he was not the god of Death. The god Thanatos is Death personified. He is ruled by no gods, Titan or Olympian. A primal force in his own right.


What about Hades pitch fork would That be his symbol of power to be designed as a sigil


How is that book by the way; whats it like?

Have been hearing about it, but havent seen or heard of reviews for it.


if i may interject here.i find for myself if i dont have a sigil.i write the name of the entity.god.goddess.what have you &i drop my own blood on it(frommyself the blood of the operator)works effectively.


Hymn to call Hades, maybe functions for Erebus too