Necromantic Sorcery pic thread

Pic of Necromantic Sorcery on my alter in perfect condition after the mishap with the mailman. It’s in pristine condition!! Thank you BALG for making this possible!!

That’s beautiful haha. I only take my copy out of the bag to read it. Well, for now anyway. Maybe I’ll get a pic of my alter up with my copy later.

I really like the book, it really touches basis on things that I was interested in but I never had the chance to get my hands on!! Since I’ve been reading this book it made me think about an episode of taboo I saw on discovery or something like that a long time ago. The premise of this episode was about traveling Medicine men in Africa and how they would travel to different tribes healing people of sickness, removing hexes, and destroying fetish items used for black magick. In one of the scenes a Medicine Man stopped an individual who was using a Necromantic Talisman that made the individual invisible allowing him to rape the women of the tribe in their sleep. The crazy thing about this was the fact the women had no clue this was going on. He pointed the individual out and out of fear for the Shaman he openly admitted to doing this and handed over the fetish item he was using to accomplish invisibility. I don’t remember all the ingredients for this item but I do know the main ingredient was fresh human fingers that he took from a fresh corpse. Even though this instance doesn’t scratch the surface of Dante’s experience with Necromancy, I just wanted to state that there is true power to be gained in this. It’s up to you and how you use this power, I don’t discriminate.

I will not necessarily work with this book. However I wanted to make sure I had this information at my fingertips. (pun intended) Its not something you see every day.

That looks awesome on your altar. I wish I could say that my altar was that big but none the less, it looks badass. I just received my copy last week and let me tell you, IT FEELS amazing. To a point, I’m almost kind of afraid to let it outta my sight but I have this thing called a ‘day job’ where I’m expected to work and stuff. Lol
The knowledge in this book is truly amazing and stuff like this needs to be handled with care. My hope is that Dante will put out other material such as this, or that others will be inspired by it and continue to follow the vein that Dante has and produce material that will be of the same or similar in calibur to this book.

Damn day jobs. Well at least I work alone so I can get some reading in.

Wow this book is amazing. Going to have to wait till spring to do the more “hands on” applications due to -30 C weather but I am looking forward to the seal initiation. He is talking about the 13th judgment seal correct? The same on the book? I am referring to the one where he enters the inverted pyramid.

If you haven’t purchased yours yet… you’re missing out! Even if you aren’t planning to pathwork through it the writing itself is incredible.

Not surprised to find freemason connections to the blackest art either :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I plan on doing the same ritual real soon. Like the pic! I just ordered my UC today. I had to make a new circle and there is a foot of snow in my yard so I figured why not.

I do plan on working through it but I’d rather finish reading it first. I almost don’t want to take any pics of it honestly. It just doesn’t feel right to me, at least with my copy. I don’t think any information should be a secret or anything it’s just…i don’t know…

Once my altar is done, I’ll post a pic. I should have taken one last night while I was in the Campo Santo doing the do. LOL I was far to focused to even think of it until I was on my way out, which was too late. Man, I just felt her and can smell the yard as I write this. Awesome!!!

Don’t believe everything you read.

Feeding my spirit with heat, light, whiskey and water.

Summoned her with the formula used last night and using graveyard dirt (in the white velvet bag on top of the grimoire) as the link.

Very strong response. I’m pleased.