im probably going to use that way if i can’t find a way to get his physical body back too…
which will be nearly impossible to do… but i feel like there is a way

but i do love a challenge

However, there are a couple things that may want to be pointed out. You wanna respect to dead person. If they don’t want to return then don’t make them. Plus, I don’t think you can stop the body from decomposing.

im going to ask him first if he wants to return … but i want to find a way to make that possible before i tell him about it through spirit…

I’m an experienced and devoted necromancer. When you say raise the dead, which I do, I can only assume you mean spiritually not physically. I can’t speak on the latter, but if you mean spiritually I can tell you that most necromancers that have success in raising the dead do so by giving themselves to the dead. For example in palo maybe magicians of death initiate themselves into the death current by undergoing difficult processes (stuff like gathering a long list of nearly impossible items to obtain in order to build an nganga, a gateway to the other side) or by sacrificing themselves by making pacts with the dead through blood and in some cases losing their sanity in the process. I raise the dead, but probably not in the sense that you’re asking, which like I said I cannot speak on. I would not recommend my path to anyone though, no matter how experienced a magician they may be.

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Why though? I would like to follow that path.

Then follow it @Mystic-Void I’m not telling you not to. I’m just saying I don’t recommend it.

Yeah, and I asked why don’t you recommend it :slightly_smiling_face: @LadyJade

Animal sacrifice, blood from animals, making fetishes with human bones, inviting spirits of murderers and suicides into your home, grave robbing, literally worshipping the first murderer. Take your pick. Like I said, I don’t recommend my path to others.

Thanks for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:

@Mystic-Void you’re welcome :slight_smile: