I have a question…
see i have been getting more and more interested in necromancy… specificly in the ‘raising the dead’ part…

is there somebody on here that has gone into this path themselves and could answer Some questions?

( no im not role playing, i do believe raising the dead is possible. I believe it is very difficult, thats why i would love to find an experienced necromancer that knows a bit more about the rituals and situations it can be done in).

If u do not believe in this, i respect you, but please do not just comment that it isnt possible… thats just u restricting ur own beliefs, not mine …

Thank u🦋


Very well said my friend :slight_smile:
I am not experienced in necromancy, but I am replying any way, so that this post gets to the top of the recent ones. Hopefully it gets attention :black_heart:
(I will be watching it from time to time, cause I ,too, I’m interested to read the more experienced-s’ opinions on this)


Thank u for that :slight_smile:
I just want people to help me understand ( if they have experience in this) when and in what conditions, raising the dead would be possible. And maybe if there are any rituals on it or if it is best to ask an entity for help … stuff like that :slight_smile: :butterfly::butterfly:

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Well I will also go ahead and summon some of my favourite peeps in here , if you don’t mind me doing so @C.Kendall , @DarkestKnight , @Lady_Eva

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Like physically “raising” the dead?


Okay the only ones I’ve known to physically raise the dead and they still do it now, are those who work Voudon in Haiti.

This is known as “The Haitan Zombie” the main thing that makes it work is a elixir/powder that they use.
It is combination of roots, herbs, psychedelic drugs and the main ingredient is tetrodotoxin which they take from the pufferfish.

The science behind is that this lowers the heart rate to a point where most individuals would assume that the individual is dead.
These individuals are later buried, afterwards they collect the body and as the target is returning to consciousness. They begin their ritual where they will take them to remote locations and begin ceremonies and rites upon the target.

The target was at the brink of death and now when awakened are now mindless, subservient and obedient slave-like zombies.
Many of the targets are forced to work and do extreme labor, it is reported that they do not eat nor do they sleep. They instead cover them when everyone else is asleep, then take off the “sheet” and make them work again.

This is a common thing in Haiti, I know off many other places and individuals that have been rumoured of such feats. For example Tantrics have been rumoured to make dead bodies the technique varies, however there is a certain type of yoga called it was said that a Yogi used this to bring a recently deceased back to life.

Of course there are other methods and they have different approaches and have different outcomes. Whether you create zombies, raise the dead from their graves or reanimate/bring to life the dead. There are different techniques something so intense and difficult would take loads of time, dedication, devotion and sacrifice to learn.

Do I think it’s possible ?.

Yes I do.

Do I think it’s worth the amount of time and effort ?.

For me personally no, I don’t see a beneficial application for this in my life.

All depends on your preference and what path you want to take, if it’s necromancy your looking at. I’d suggest entities like Az Jahi, Astwihad, The Druj Nasu. These are all ancient dark Persian necromantic entities, however they are intense and are forces to be reckoned with.

I hope this helps.


I personally have no beliefs one way or another on the subject.

What I think I know is that in order to do this you would have to bring back the piece of them that went on to wherever you believe it goes. Without that I am not sure what good them being raised would be.

If you can accomplish that then the next part raises many questions for me. The next thing, if the body isn’t too far decayed, would be to figure out if that piece being back is enough to get them up, and not just trapped in a decaying body that can’t do anything. If not then you would need to figure out how to do so.

These are the most obvious things that came to my mind so you may have already thought of this yourself. Good luck.

One last thing. Take into consideration your belief in what happens to us when we die. Even if you were to get everything right and bring them back would they be happy? For example, I don’t have any firm beliefs but one that I you with from time to time, is that we carry on our life in another place. If they have been living a dream version of their life and was pulled back to the pain and suffering here would they be able to handle it?


My belief on it is that when we die, we get a choice… to move on ( go to our next life) or stay and watch over our family…

I believe that only the spirits that have chosen to stay, Will be able to be brought back…

Idk why im suddenly all about this… i believe that there is a reason why i suddenly want to do this so bad for a specific person… i have seen many people die, and i have always been ok with it… yes granted i have been hurt, but i was always ok like they had moved on…

For some reason i believe i have to try and bring this one person back… i even believe azazel ( my spiritual teacher) may have put this idea into my head…

But the only problem with it is, the body has been cremated … and still a voice in my head says that its possible and i Will be able to do it if i want to… i just don’t know where to start or how i would be able to bring someone back who has no longer got a physical body to come back too… thats the part im trying to figure out…

Like i Said , it isnt because i feel sorry for this person… i didnt even know him that Well… but for Some reason, i think im being started into the direction to bring him back… yet i don’t know where i can start…

All i know for sure ( by the voice in my head i assume to be azazel), is that he is telling me it is possible if i want him to come back…

Thats why im on here asking for someone who has experience with the matter . :butterfly:

Thank you for ur help and take on it ! :slight_smile:

Take this with a grain of salt because I am speaking out of my own belief system and coming at this with an open mind. Would pregnancy be a viable option for this? I am not sure at what point a fetus gains its own spirit. If you knew that then possibly merging their spirit with the fetus would accomplish what you are trying to do if they have no body of their own anymore.

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I have been thinking about this too actually :slight_smile:
But would it then still be the same person… or would their spirit forget out their previous life, turning them into someone else?

I am not sure but I find stories of reincarnation fascinating. This is one of my favorites though I have only skimmed this particular article.

Since this is not traditional reincarnation I am not sure you would be able to tell as soon or possibly sooner.

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I will leave you with a few quotes. The first is from popular “fiction” writer H.P. Lovecraft. You can decide if the quote sounds fictional or not to you. It is from his story “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward” in which a young man discovers an ancestor his town had essentially tried to wipe out of history, and deals heavily in raising the dead.

The essential Saltes of Animals may be so prepared and preserved, that an ingenious Man may have the whole Ark of Noah in his own Studie, and raise the fine Shape of an Animal out of its Ashes at his Pleasure; and by the lyke Method from the essential Saltes of humane Dust, a Philosopher may, without any criminal Necromancy, call up the Shape of any dead Ancestour from the Dust whereinto his Bodie has been incinerated.”

The other quote is actually too long to drop here but I will leave you a link

Jump to page 103 it talks about ways to extend the life of a person, even into a new body. It talks about this from the perspective of you prolonging your own life but I’m sure it could be adapted if you are clever.


Thank u !!! I Will defenitly look into this !!
I really hope it Will be possible to get him back fully out of hus ashes… like i Said before ; i believe anything is possible if you are determined enough :purple_heart::butterfly:

I Will look into this a bit further, and i too am interested and fascinated by reincarnation… the only difficulty is when i do it this way, there is no way of knowing they Will actually be completly be the same person the were before …

When i think about what i need to do in order to get him back, i see the image of a Phoenix rising out of its ashes … but for a human body to fully become physical out of ashes… ( again not saying its impossible wit Magic… but i do believe is highly unlikely for me to do on my own…)

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When I think of brining the dead back to life I imagine something like a marionette doll. For example, an entity, dead spirit of the body or just any general entity, controlling the body to do what the entity wants. I also think that do you want to bring the body into a moving state without any outside forces while not having any spirit whatsoever. Just a body. Nothing more, nothing less. Or a body where you literally bring the it back to life. Like reversing time to which the body was alive. With the person who died in control. You know?

I think it’s possible, zombification doesn’t bring back a dead person. The body is the vehicle of the soul, isn’t it? So, the only way to revive a dead person would be to seal the soul to the body, you can extend his life like that, but the body degrades with time, so you can remove a person’s soul and put your own in it to continue living forever. now it remains to be seen how to seal a soul…

yes the person that died to be in control again of his own body and continue living his life where it stopped

but how to go about it when the body has been cremated ?

the soul always lives, it is better to use another body that is not its original one.

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