Necromancy to Destroy Your Enemies

I’ve been playing with necromancy lately and I’ve seen lots of interesting results. I live in a place with lots of bothersome residents and most of these people are an utter nuisance or are actually my enemies. Lots of toxicity. It has a reputation of being haunted so I began to investigate this claim. It truly is haunted by many spirits, as I’ve learned. So I decided to use my skills to attract even more shades. The activity began to increase and I’ve had people who know of my practice come to me to tell me of their experiences with disembodied hands touching them and disembodied voices whispering in their ears. I was thrilled. But I knew I could push it even further. I decided to agitate these shades and fire them up. The activity increased ten fold. The apartment above me is vacant and frequently I can hear movement and voices in there even though I’m certain that it’s empty. I’ve even used a friend’s EVP device to communicate with some of these shades and they aren’t exactly the nicest spirits. Once the activity reached a peak, I enlisted the aid of several Vodun death spirits to bring these shades under my power and chose a handful of targets to send them after. These people began to become sick and sometimes can be seen crying out in the more public areas of the building.

I just wanted to share this story as necromancy is extremely potent. Since involving myself with the occult, I’ve always wanted to cause a location to be haunted and through necromancy I’ve gotten my wish. The spirits here will haunt this place long after I’ve moved on and while I am here, I am in control of this place, with the dead serving as my army and the residents as my puppets.


Is there a book or two you would recommend on the subject?

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That’s honestly kind of awesome. :slight_smile: I want to try necromancy one day but I think it’s beyond me for now.

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I would recommend “Necromantic Sorcery” by Dante Ariel although many of the things in the book are downright insane. It will give you an idea of how to open gates to the dead and work with death gods. Another book I would greatly reccomend is “The Voodoo Grimoire” by Brujo Negro. It gives you better ways to work with the dead that are more practical and don’t actually require work with human remains. Coleman’s “Communing with Spirits” is another awesome book that will give you an idea of how to work with the dead. The Liber Falxifer books contain information on how to manipulate the essence and demeanor of the dead using herbs and is an all around amazing grimoire. I pathworked that current and it gave me lots of first hand experience in working with the dead. My preferred method of working with the dead is Vodou through the aid of the Ghede family of Lwa. The ATR currents have the best necromantic methods that I’ve seen although I’ve seen great things from Chinese Taoist necromancers and Norse necromancy can be used if one has a proper understanding of all of the lore elements regarding death.


Holy shit, man, that’s great. Thank you!

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WOW! that’s deep brother !

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It seems that it is working for you. Congratulations!!!
I just hope you are getting energy and life force from somewhere (not your body) to channel all of that necromagick. Otherwise you are pretty much f*cked.


@Goku Thank you! This building has turned me into a more malicious person because of my neighbors :joy: @anon48532061 Vampirism is my go to for sure. Even more ways to terrorize my awful neighbors :joy::+1:

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Good. If you need help with vampirism, pm me :wink: .

I just might do that. I’ve practiced it for about four years now but I feel like it can be pushed farther than I have been. I just don’t know how.

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Have you tried automating it?

That lead to leaps and bounds in my progress when I first did it.

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Automize? Like with thoughtforms?

Those do the work when you’re not paying attention, sure.

But I meant more like making YOURSELF automatically create curses and bindings for you when you vamp them, analyse and automatically attack their weak points as well as figuring out what their strengths are, unloading Death Essence to speed up draining, filtering, and taking care of their defenses all without you paying attention to it.

And then there’s also having yourself automatically pick good targets and test them out, storing the energy in something for future use, etc etc etc.

But yes thoughtforms built into you would be the easiest way to automate these.


That sounds amazing. I’m going to have to experiment with that. Have you done this?

Yes. I have all of the things I mentioned above and some more.