Necromancy - Calling the shade

In other practices, mostly in ADR, one wait one year and one day before petitioning the dead and an ancestor who has passed. When summoning a spirit to release their shade does this also hold true? I know from Connor Kendall’s book the spirit attracts you. What do you do if you come across some who has only passed for 7 months. Yes, this has happened to me. Its almost like they want to do this but I was just curious if any other necromancers out there maybe had a different philosophy. I would really like to hear it.

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Thank you, I thought I did some years ago. Ill make a new one

I called the spirit to me. There was a spirit causing problems in an apartment complex for a friend of mine, so that was what I used. I qrote about it in my journal for it, but am away from my grimoire at the moment to give you rhe exact link. Will be for a while, with a 7pm appointment for my child. Quickest way would be to go to it and do a search.

Had a few minutes at the house.