Neat fact

Tomorrow night won’t happen again until 2049 I believe, a Friday the 13th on a full moon. At the very least, look up and remember.

Apparently you are correct!

so what kind of workings are best to be performed on this day?

The energy is very strong so what ever is done it will boost all workings.
I was wondering if anyone other than myself noticed the surge of energy on this night I am a security guard (in shopping market )and man the whackjobs I had to deal with and there was a unusual thing with cash registers many of them were adding up to triple digits the most common was 666 the customers laughed nervously but I loved it, though 777 came up but I was also seeing license plates in the parking lot with 0666 at least two different cars with these numbers anyways I thought all this AWESOME! and wonder who else had any thing like this?.