Navajo Magick

Hi guys,
I’ ve been looking for weeks online for guides on Navajo magick, and aside from a few good ethnological essaies, I can’t get a hold on it. Could you guys recommand a book or anything?


I dont’t have any recommendations for a book. But just one recommendation: go to one of their reservations and look at their lives. Has their magick produced a life for them that you would want? Even the Navajos off the reservations seem to be stuck in a life of poverty and alcoholism.

By your line of reasoning, Western Magick doesn’t work either. Look at all the white people living in trailer parks, and let’s not forget the Paradise known as Appalachia. Socio-economic circumstances and lifestyle choices have nothing to do with whether or not a system of magick is viable.

OP, you may have to stitch this together on your own. What very little I know about Native American tradition, seems to be very much Shamanism. Lots of journeying, meditation, etc. I would start with reading all and any info available about Native American rituals (often referred to as “medicine”), and try to piece it together from there.

Chef1964, I see your point. If the people are choosing to live like that, then that is one thing. But if they are endeavoring to use their magick for material prosperity, yet are living in poverty, those are systems I would not want to waste my time with.

In my humble subjective opinion - no magick practice is a ‘waste of time.’ There are things you can take from each and every one. No, it does not mean that you have to partake in them all, but should one feel drawn towards a certain practice it’s a reason enough to study, to experience, to practice.

And though unfortunately I cannot contribute to your search in a meaningful way, I wish you the best of luck with Navajo magick Takeshiro. :slight_smile:

Polite reminder to keep this thread on topic please to Navajo magick, we have a new thread for the questions about “If their magick is so powerful, how come…” etc - which I think is an interesting, and valid, debate - here.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Some magics,like these tribal systems,are passed down through oral traditions,and as such,will be altered after each generation,as subjective as magic in general is.

So,there is no ‘‘one true system’’ to Navajo magic,however some things are common elements.

For example,since this is a dark magic forum,I expect you all want to approach this from a LHP perspective,as ‘‘the Witching Way’’,and even the path of the skinwalker,which does seem to align a lot with what some of us have been doing with psychic vampirism and shifting into monstrosities of various kinds.

There’s also tons of exaggerated myths of necrophilia,incest,murdering your relatives,grave-robbing,and while I have no doubt that that kind of stuff is part of more advanced black magic in this current,that’s like calling blood sacrifice the base of all black magick.It’s really not.

So IMO,do thorough research wherever you can,find a spirit of the path,meet with someone in a reservation,or even on the astral plane,meet an ascendant master(I’m pretty sure even I can find one),and infiltrate the system.

When my ex gf was growing up, she and her family were Christian missionaries on a Navajo reservation. They became the target of curses by the local witch doctor. The witch wreaked havoc on the dad’s mind in major ways. Completely destroyed his mind and sanity. He has still not recovered. So the power is real. But apparently not powerful enough to destroy the white man as a whole. But their shit is real on a micro level.

Without even looking into it I’ll tell you one reason why their power won’t destroy the white man as a whole, its because there are white people that those powers are on friendly terms with like me for example, though I’m only half white.

[quote=“defectron, post:9, topic:6684”]Without even looking into it I’ll tell you one reason why their power won’t destroy the white man as a whole, its because there are white people that those powers are on friendly terms with like me for example, though I’m only half white.[/quote]IMO, it is far more likely that there were simply too many white men than shamans, and no matter what their power level, they were simply overwhelmed. To my knowledge, each tribe had one shaman, and maybe an apprentice, as it was a social position within the tribe, usually second in respect only to the chief.

If any Indian Shaman wants to be successful they need to be smart about Magick in general. When practicing Magick it is all about Symbols influencing the Collective Mindspace vka Magick. What this means is since the world is run by the White Man, and many will disagree with me… But with all the Technogical Advancements, Trading, Laws and other things being Advanced by the White Race they pretty much SET THE STANDARD for society where one then has a Global WHITE SOCIETY.

This is self-evident when looking at how influential America and Europe are on the World. Many people want somehow mimic America or Europe in some way, because the standard shows a higher end lifestyle that is desireable…etc.

So back to my point… The White Race has a certain religion and spirituality and its own Entities whom are the “Overlords” of the Minds and Hearts of the White People. If an Indian Shaman wants to be smart he will somehow learn how to MODERNIZE his magick and spirits by Transforming (Retranslating) his or her spirits to Mirror the Popular archetypes of the White Peoples. This is very much akin to Storytelling where you invent characters and Timelines of Events as you go…turn it into Magick and then push it i to the collective Sphere to connect with the right people to do its Magicm.

The Indians are poor because the informational/energetic spiritual forces they represent Ostracizes them from the Populace (popularity) into a group (segregation district) that draws poor influences magickally. I dont know…maybe a Native American could be rich if he made the next Native American Hollywood Blockbuster hit.

I live in AZ and most the native americans I know don’t even know anything about it.

Biosynth, it’s hard not to agree with your assessment of their spirits. So why bother? One should just find spirits that can bring prosperity.

Your thinking two dimensionally about how to kill off a race. Cursing people indevidually , this would be true. However, a plague or a mini ice age, or a meteor strike could certainly do the trick, in this modern era nuclear war works too. Of course you run the risk of getting taken out as well, but if your going to commit to that level of genocide, you should know the job was dangerous when you took it. Based on my interactions, the powers that be aren’t interested in doing this, so no matter how much they might want them too, probably not on the agenda of the native american spirits.

Are you referring too Navajo shamanism? Recall this tribe refers to themselves as DÎNÉ. Who emerged from the underworld. I would recommend learning about the Navajo creation story - for it is one of the incantations (one of the few they are “allowed” to learn hahaaaha) used for preliminary ceremony’s. If that’s not successful then you would return… Keep in mind this is from a tribal culture so its different then western “magick.”

Again, the meat of the practice is done through shamans and their songs in ceremony. So looking for a how too on native magick online is practically impossible. I urge you to read the the story of the 4 worlds again, this time rather then a story try viewing it as the calling forth. (of watchtowers) I hope that helps.
The short road to that crossroads of the Navajo shaman is of course cactus ritual.

Least we talk about necessary blood sacrifice of the yee naaldlooshii… or of the frenzy / witchery way. For that also is a tribal initiation of sorts, where sacrifice of your kin is sated.

Are you navajo? what clan if I may ask?

tshh’ most native americans get offended or refuse to talk about it