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As I stated in a previous post, I am just now getting into the Occult. Regrettably, I have about zero real knowledge on this. That hasn’t really kept me from diving in head first on evocations. I have now been doing some evocations regularly for about two weeks. I have not seen a full manifestation, but I’m starting to see things during the rituals. I am starting to get some communication going.

I have been told by others in the past that demons aren’t as bad as they have been portrayed in history/religion. That may be true for some, but I’m now not convinced that is a general rule. I get the feeling that these things really hate us humans. I also have the distinct feeling that after spending time with these demons, we can start taking on their attributes. That may sound crazy, but I am beginning to be afraid I’m playing with fire here.

Has anyone else felt this way? What did you do to come to terms with it and how did you deal with it?

Just wondering about some of the most basic, day to day life practicalities of it. I really don’t want this affecting my relationships with family/friends, mostly. What can I do to keep that from happening? Thanks so much for your all’s help.

The opinions about demons will vary depending upon the source or the person you’re consulting. I generally accept the idea that demons are spiritual powers and intelligences not loyal to or endorsed by the Christian church. Some are ancient and pagan gods others are adversarial spirits from the Christian mythos, such as Azazel or Lucifer. If you have access to EAs works he will help guide you in a firm understanding of these beings. Also download a couple of Michael Fords books like Adversarial Light or Dragon of the two flames will help you with a historical and philosophical understanding of demons. As far as their attitude toward humans, they do not respect the sniveling weak ape who hungers, thirsts and gets tired. They do respect the living god within you and will work non-stop in awakening that power. Good luck and remember that once you’ve opened this doorway it can never be shut. Oh and welcome to the forum.

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There is no difference between demons and angels. They are on in the same serving the same master. They are simply different tools for different jobs. Nothing more and nothing less. These entities do not possess the intellect to have emotions like hate, love or anger. Nor do they have the freedom to walk there own path. These feelings are coming solely from your own imagination. They will manifest based on your previous observations of what you think they should be like. Enter the circle with no fear and there is nothing to fear. Enter the circle with fear and be prepared for the fear to manifest into your reality.

Were you raised in a Christian/Muslim faith by any chance? I was, and I’m still working through skeletons in the closet, so to speak (every time I refer to myself as a god, I still half expect to get smacked down by Yaweh).

Regardless if you were or not, society has given a really bad wrap to demons. I’ve even had agnostic/atheist friends raise an eyebrow when I mention working with them. There’s really no easy way to get over this, you just have to dive in head first and get to meeting them.

A quick story if I may, since you asked. Much earlier on when I first started working with demons, I was informed by a magician I admire very much that the demon Eurynomous was interested in working with me. I decided to open his sigil and introduce myself, and it was thus far one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had with a spirit.

The sigil started flashing incredibly quick, morphed into a cattle’s skull, and I had to do my absolute best not to have a panic attack because his presence was so strong, and the christian indoctrination still hiding in the recesses of my mind flared up out of nowhere. I was terrified of the fact there was a demon in my room. I told him I was feeling freaked out, and I had the sense he backed off slightly, because the feeling died down considerably.

Long story short, despite that initial fear, I continued to work with him, and despite being classified as a “demon”, I think of him as more of an angelic presence, for lack of a better word, as he is very comforting (as a death demon, he’s helped me work through some hard times). I’ve felt the same thing for Buer too, he was incredibly gentle when we spoke.

My point is, nobody really knows what demons are, and just because they may be considered “infernal”, “dark”, etc doesn’t mean every single one is up to no good. Some are, and that’s good too, because where would the LHP magician be without their black magick? But lumping all demons together is just as silly as lumping any one group of people together-they aren’t exactly a hive mind, and while they may all want access to our world, and to influence it, what they represent and who they are can be as different as night and day.

Look up the works of demonolaters such as S. Connolly. She is probably the number one reason I was even able to get past my fear of demonic spirits, and despite figuring out demonolatry probably wasn’t for me, I’ve learned a lot of great things from her.

I hope all that made sense, I always feel the need to post here when I’m half asleep. Good luck OP.


Thanks everyone for your words. I do come from a Christian background, actually. Christian background really doesn’t sum it up… it was life growing up. That was the biggest chunk of my life for the first 20 years or so. I since parted ways from the church, quite secretly from my family actually, and I still nod and smile when my friends, family/extended family talks religion. I harbor really no ill-will to Christianity now, although I did for over a decade. I’m a business man in a small-ish town and I simply have to fit in with the status quo to retain my level in the community.

Point of that ramble is, Christianity is probably still in the recesses of my mind. It has to be with the amount I was exposed to it/still am exposed to it on a weekly basis.

These posts have helped a lot. Input is greatly appreciated.

Interestingly, I come from a Wiccan background and seem to have just as many hang-ups about demons as former Christians do. Blacklamb your post made me feel less scared about evoking a demon. Thank you for sharing your story!

Even if some demons you evoke seem like they are mean/infernal there is always something you can take away from the experience. I just came to terms with Belial today after a evocation in which I saw just how far I had came in the week and a half I had worked with him. Now he is not so scary, more like an intense drill Sargent than a terrifying force.

I think after about a month of working with demons you will no longer have the crippling fear (well it was crippling for me at least) and instead have a healthy respect for our infernal friends. The best way to come to terms with demons is to evoke them. Just like the best way to come to terms with riding a bike is to get on and start peddling. So good luck and start peddling your big demonic bike to a better life :slight_smile:

Glad I could be of help for once! :slight_smile:

I had never really considered the thought that someone who had grown up with magick would have reservations about demons, but that makes total sense, especially with the wiccan emphasis on karma, white magick, and such. It’s funny that such a “tolerant” faith could still keep its followers bound in fear.

this was a great question with even great answers I cant wait till the fall when I have more time to learn from EAs online evocation series

I’ve dealt with being a natural medium for most of my life. Since childhood I’ve seen, heard and felt the presence of spirits. This of course has led me to many different spiritual paths. From christianity, to witchcraft back to christianity then atheism, now I’m a fucking occultist with Luciferian leanings. Some spirits are useful others are useless, that’s pretty much how I view them at this point. When I need them I’ll call the archangels, sometimes I call elementals but most of the time I work with Azazel and his cohorts. A very important step in this whole process is to truly obtain omnipotence, and mentally struggle with what that truly means. Uniying with the eternal and usurping its authority taking its power for yourself. If you haven’t done this, start there. Ascend. Work with Deggal, Sakatos and Raziel. Climb to the throne of God and grab hod of his power. Get cast back down to earth and know that damnation to hell is your next stop. Seriously do this, make it your number one goal once you’ve learned to summon spirits. Best of luck in your ascent.

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" From christianity, to witchcraft back to christianity then atheism, now I’m a fucking occultist with Luciferian leanings."

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Oh shit I laughed on this one!!!

[quote=“Mode_439, post:11, topic:1572”]" From christianity, to witchcraft back to christianity then atheism, now I’m a fucking occultist with Luciferian leanings."

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Oh shit I laughed on this one!!![/quote]

Yeah I didn’t jump around like that. I used to be sort of christian, but alot of the stuff I was hearing about in my paranormal research kept on conflicting with alot of the stuff in the religion so I came to the conclusion when I was in my teens that at least some some stuff they mustve gotten wrong. After all it would only be logical since it’d be easier for ancient manuscripts being translated over the centuries to get corrupted then thousands of present day eyewitnesses being mistaken about stuff. And I pretty much got into this from there.

When I was christian I was part of a very esoteric branch of pentecostalism. It was common to speak in tongues, lay hands on people and make them drop. I could literally walk up to people and start reading their lives for them. We used names of power like adonai elohim yhvh ect. The problem was mixing in the bronze agr morality and the southern fried mentality into our spirituality that is why I left the movement. Atheism was worthless because outside of insanity they had no explaination of my ability to leave my body. Everything outside of pure occultism isbbullshit!

This reminds me of a time I went to see someone who was assisting me with a ritual to get rid of someone stealing my luck, the evocation didn’t work and the magician said he was going to call on his ancestors(Which was unexpected) When the candle dimmed, my mind’s idea of what “evil” was, started to kick in, darkness+raspy voice of the entity+asking me if I was “looking for power” (been told that any entity which offers power is evil) My fear was so intense that I felt that I was going to pass out and increased even more when the tribal instruments in that room were being played. The interesting link here, is my lack of trust in people. Because of it, my logic linked to his question of power to trust, from trust and then the entire brainwashing of what a demon is according to Christian faiths. I’ve started understanding why some people on this forum place building a healthy mind as a foundation.