Nature Magick - what are you achieving?

I was wondering what you guys, the ones practicing nature magick, are looking to achieve with it? Is there anything speicifc you’re wanting to learn how to do?
Why did you not go with Black/White/Energy magick?

Not trying to sound condescending, just interested :slight_smile:

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I haven’t got into it much, but I really want to make plants grow on command or quicker. But eh

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I remember reading an article of a woman who could make a seed germinate in 5 minutes – I’ll have to find it again and link it!

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Elemental magick is great you can draw so much energy from it, they purify or protect you at will. They don’t need talk, they let you feel and everytime you go outside you can feel them play with you and react to you. It’s awesome :laughing:

Oh and I do all the other types of magick too, I hate to choose :sweat_smile:


You can achieve control of the elements themselves.

Summoning gentle rains or raging storms. :zap:

Mastering things like fire, water, air, earth kinesis, :fire::droplet: :wind_face: :evergreen_tree:
(Basically all the stereotypical wizard stuff)

Then there are Nature Spirits / God’s themselves who are some of the most powerful & loyal allies, and their abilities are as diverse as the plant kingdom.

Talking to animals is something that can happen as well.
(Telepathic communication with nature as a whole)

Deep connection to nature and the cosmos will help with the accumulation of life force energy.
(Imparting a longer life span)
(And stronger magic)

You can become so connected that don’t get lost and can sense earthquakes. (can happen with lots of training)

Immortality is also something that can be achieved.

I mean these are just scratching the surface, what’s possible could fill a very large bookshelf if not a library.


It’s all about harmony. Humans get hooked on human ideas and ooften forged that there is an entire universe of non-human existence all around them. Emperors and wealth mean nothing to nature. One’s place in human society has zero effect on their place in a forrest.

There is also an overall “meta spirit” to nature, a gentle and non-egotistical energy that moves between all the various brings and systems. Once a person gets in tune with it, the jealous emperor gods look like the spoiled ignorant children they really are.

I guess harmony is the most meaningful concept that I find in nature. Every being and species is out for its self, but to thrive they must coexist.

A person’s philosophy has a big impact on their magic. Nature teaches me to not feel guilty for putting myself before others. I am a carnivorous animal. That’s how I was made. There’s no reason to feel bad about competing with the other carnivores. At the same time, I can invoke the green goddess and feel the joy of algae floating in the ocean drinking in that sweet sweet sunlight. No worries, just conciousness and bliss. It’s really nice.


As corny as this may sound, I do it to discover where I fit in with all of this, whatever ‘this’ may be. Also, it has been good for my gardening habit.


How about this, I got wild Elk in a national park to walk right up to me, they smelled and licked my hands. Yup very cool, They would not go near the other folks and my wife got to scratch the momma on the top of the snoot.
Once in a lifetime stuff there folks.