Nature and midnight

Does going at midnight in garden, jungle etc and doing exercise or yoga there disturbs the grass, flowers etc as some claim they are sleeping there but isnt that time they are consuming carbons?

As i assumed doing yoga chants and meditation in nature will help connect better?

Grass is resistant to damage from being walked on, if you’re breaking stems then yeah, the plants will be disturbed. You won’t mind you just being there though, and they might like it if you talk to them and are doing yoga.

Being in nature changes your body chemistry, for example by raising your serotonin levels and calming your stress, and this helps you connect better, as well as being right next to the plants helps you connect to them better.

If it’s night and time when most are sleeping at midnight your time, it would be healthier to keep a regular sleeping schedule and get enough sleep, before meditating.

Yes mainting q proper sleep routine and doing yoga at Bharma Muhurta , i usually do yoga at terrace but doing in bedroom since a week due to over populated mosquitos , i bought a net and now deciding to go to nature to do it rather than terrace

So i count that as yes that i can do yoga at midnight in the nature including loud chants ?

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Yes I think so. If I was in your position, I’d go ahead and try it. :slight_smile:
(Definitely with a net, I’m allergic to mosquito bites :sweat_smile: )

I aint allergic vut does worst than alwhat would happen allergy with thise thousands of mosquitos quickly bites as you step in

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