I found this rune twig today exactly as pictured, while taking a stroll in town and I really like it. Anyone else found anything in nature that resembles magickal items?

I found a twig that looks like Algiz.

Also since starting to work with the runes I have noticed that some construction symbols look a whole lot like runes.

What does Algiz want from me.

It’s still singing.

It needs about tree fiddy…

Did you open it and ask? If not I would spend at least 30 minutes a day with it, for a couple of days.

Rocks, sticks, herbs, bones. Nature is full of magic. Many of the items I use in ritual have been found on walk about. Living in the high mountain desert had provided me with all the tools I could want.

I only started looking into runes about two years ago when I noticed a pair of over-large crows who would follow me around often by flying overhead when I’d move and perching somewhere near when I’d stay put. Coincidentally at the time my attention was brought to a study claiming that corvids could pick out individual humans consistently, and if they were fascinated enough by one they would follow him/her out of curiosity.

Even then I had a passing acquaintance with the old myths, so I began referring to them as Huginn and Muninn, and became quite proud that I had found favour with these cool birds. From an even earlier age than that I had had experiences and leanings that looking back now clearly pointed toward magic, but around this period I began experiencing vivid dreams centering around the deity that I’ve always felt exceptional resonance with, Odin.

After this reached a sort of culminating point, one day I was walking outside gazing at the sky and thinking, and making up a poem about spiritual restlessness and search for answers (even then I was really pretentious lol), when I heard the flapping of heavy wings overhead and a small object dropped at my feet. Huginn and Muninn flew just a few feet over my head, the closest they actually ever came to me, and left for good, but there on the ground, and this is the head-scratcher: was a chicken’s foot.

But the way it was splayed out kept spinning my mind around and around with the certain hunch that there was some mysterious significance in the way that it appeared. On the same hunch I began a research binge into the Norse runes, and that’s when I realized that it was Algiz.

I still believe that rune in particular has a very important significance for me. But that for the time being at least, it has to remain a mystery for me - it just feels like the time is not -yet- right. But yeah. Carrion birds littering pieces of dead things, that’s my meaningful story of youthful discovery haha. Cheers!

Edit - Better make that five or even six years ago; the military can sure eat the young years of your life away like you wouldn’t believe. 0.o How unsettling.