Natural Psychopomp

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forums and looking for a place to feel like the spiritual side of me can fit in. I’m a natural psychopomp, wasn’t something I ever trained myself in but feel like I’m guided to do it.

I’m mostly looking for others that have/do work with the dead/death energies to just converse and trade experiences with. I’ll start with myself;

So I can feel death. I’m not entirely sure when exactly this whole journey started, but my life changed after I had the strangest dream experience in my early teen years. You know those nightmares when you become lucid RIGHT at the part before you die and ultimately wake up? Well, it was backwards for me. Instead of waking up before I died, I woke up afterwards. I was surrounded by this peaceful void devoid of any light, and this coldness I felt was nothing I ever experienced before. I could feel the atoms in me come to a complete stop, the frigid cold permeated through my skins, into my bones and touching my soul. But I was in complete peace. I woke up pale and freezing but returned back to normal almost instantely.

Ever since, my latent powers awoken. I was able to manifest situations and people into my life if I was emotionally focused in the process, have the capacity for wisdom I never had before and feel other entities and certain energies and manipulate them. Only through love can I manipulate energies and through love I can open portal.

My mother’s a medium (though we’re both heavy skeptics) and has read her client’s (she’s a hair stylist) lives with extreme accuracy; even coming down to passing on messages from deceased loved ones in languages she’s never spoken before. Her medium friends say our house feels very active, but the energies are always coming and going like a train station, and that they can sense a portal coming from my room.

Four leaf clovers are representative of good fortune. To me though, they’re my reaper scythe. First time I found one was right outside of my house. Didn’t know about the omen it represents to me at the time, so I picked it. A week later my boss’ brother dies of a heart attack - whos death I somewhat predicted (didn’t know who was going to die but I could feel the tangly, decaying feeling of death) because my chest felt heavy and the word “heart attack” kept flashing in my mind. Second time I picked one, a week later someone on my dad’s side of the family dies. The third time was the craziest. On my way to the bus stop for work, I go into my pocket to count my change and I drop my dollar. I go to pick it up and from underneath of it poking out of the flat grass like a beacon was a four leaf clover. I stared at it for a minute in awe - I knew what those meant to me at the time. Regardless of my knowledge, I picked it. A week later, someone on my dad’s side passes away.

These are really tame stories compared to what else I’ve been through. I hope you enjoyed the read and look forward to getting to know some of you :slight_smile:


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