Natural Occurences and Elemental Magick

In my area, there is a lot of rain going on for the next week. Weve had a couple year drought, just as in theres a lot less than usual, and now its pouring. Already flash flood warnings and the like.

I decided to toss a preliminary post out, with some questions that I’ll update with what I learn as elemental work is something ive only glossed over til now. Any/all feedback is welcomed

Do elements hold ‘sway’ over an area for certain periods of time and can their hold shift?

Ive got the gist of elements and their attributes in general sense, but how are they in practice?

Do natural events saturate the area in that events energy thus making workings based off of that element supercharged? What about with disasters? And then if the situation is reversed?
(And then what kind of energies can be taken and worked after man made things? Shootings and whatnot, just a sidenote)

What does elemental mastery bring to the table, on a cosmic level?


I wonder how much of it is elemental cycles and how much of it is a collective thought of “I wish it would stop raining” taking hold. Then when the drought sets in there is the collective thought of “I wish it would rain”. And the elements get pushed around by these unintentional “spells”.


I know that one old school of thought is elemental energies cause winds, in respect to the direction of it’s source. For example, a wind blowing from the southwest would be water/fire in varied amounts (think rainstorms), or a northwestern wind would contain earth/water (think snowstorms).

I don’t know. I am a bit of a storm addict, and they all do have their own energetic feel, but I have not been in enough storms globally to confirm or deny the above correspondences.

I would imagine one of the more practical aspects would be an increased connectivity and sensitivity, as well as removing degrees of separation in your mind through understanding, which would be most important.