Natural Magic and Planetary Magic works

I was reading some Thelemic element invocations in a specific pattern, after reading planetary invocations. When I read, I’m reading out loud, casting my voice out there, and willing it to a degree.
With the planetary invocations (Luna, Sol, Mercury, Saturn), I felt views or … Wants shift a bit. With the elemental, Spirit, Fire, and Air, I felt the sensation pike the Qabbalistic Cross or Middle Pillar, a warm sensation in my legs that made me need to move, and inspiration and a coolness around the forehead.
I’d say they work or I’m imaginative.


I’d say it’s both! Great Work! :sunglasses:

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The elements and planets spark imaginations and creativity in various forms. Exploring the possible internal empowerments for invocation and external manifestations that can be evoked is work that can take you down some strange but useful rabbit holes.

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