Natural Gifts, Talents, and Abilities

Hi guys,
Recently I have felt that I should look into my own natural born “gifts” and see what I am good at. I thought about it and came up with nothing…
I went into meditation and simply asked my guides/higher self what my natural abilities are. A guide refering to himself as Tolfu, (this was the first time I spoke to a guide before) said that my natural ability is that of critical thinking. I suppose I can see that. Take any topic, issue, or train of thought and usually, (like a cube with many sides) I see many sides to it. I never thought of it as a “gift” though. Usually it only pisses people off lol

For those of you with a lot of experience in the occult and magick how can I cultivate this ability to make it work magickally for me?
How can this better serve me?

Hit me up guys✌
-Cade S.

Critical thinking puts u ahead of 98 percent of the rest of the population. No doubt you’ll be able to spot bullshitters, those who are groupies, and u will be able to read in between the lines of magick texts to figure out what the deeper implications of what may be presented is.

I dont have that same gift sadly, but that u have that is pretty big. What u have is something someone smart would seek to acquire…because critical thought at least in this country is damn near extinct.

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It also hurts people’s feelings a lot and dismantles their Tree of Life mental structure from Yesod to Chesed. Qabalah can become the best martial art for you


Practice it and improve , practice makes perfect .