Native American Spirit Contact

So I had a very interesting experience yesterday morning. I was in somewhat of a downcast mood (due partly to the fact that I had a few beers the previous night; alcohol is a depressant for me). Anyhow, about 10am or so, this fairly vivid image of a native American warrior came into my head. Probably mid to late 30’s. I felt a very aggressive energy coming off of him. I don’t recall what he exactly said, but he came off as very pushy. So, remembering what I learned in elementary school about the Indian men hating cowardice, I said, “Look, I don’t know who you are or who the fuck you think I am, but you better damn sure show me some respect. We are equals. Yes, there are things you can do that I can’t. But I guarantee there are things I can do that you can’t; otherwise you wouldn’t be here. So if you are wanting something from me, you better show me that you have power. If you want something from me after you have demonstrated that power, let me know what you want from me and what you will expect in return. If I am OK with the terms, then I will let you know.” I got an angry energy from him in return and the challenge, “What do you want me to do to show my power.” I said, “Kill so and so. If you can’t, get the fuck out of my site and don’t return.” I don’t know if all this was in my head, but it sure seemed real.

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Sounds like you may have come into contact with Nox. In fact, I’d almost be willing to bet money that it was Nox. If so, then you have no reason to feel threatened. Nox is literally the incarnation of the darkness itself. He seeks out those who are seeking him. If you are actively engaged in magick or exploring and reading about dark magick, it attracts him to you and he will take an active interest in you.

He is merely seeking you out to let you know that he is aware of your interest in him. This is a very good sign. He shows himself to many of us in the form of a Native American male warrior, with red tribal paint on his face, a spear, the works. He doesn’t say much either, when he answers you he always limits his response to one or two very brief sentences.

He will try to intimidate you with his looks as this is his way of seeking out those who are worthy of receiving dark forbidden knowledge and getting rid of those who are only dabbling or studying just for the heck of it to let them know he is real and what they are studying is real and not something to simply mess around with. I’d say that was your first test my friend, and it sounds like you passed.

He usually visits us all at some point to see what we’re made of. And you’re right he is very pushy, and rude too.

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You really should take this as a good sign and keep exploring! There are magicians on this forum that have been here for longer than you and have been doing active magick far longer than you have and even they have not been visited by Nox, or if they were they were unable to pick up on what he looks like and his personality whereas you did. I think you may be meant for this path more so than you currently realize.

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If it was Nox, will he begin giving me knowledge himself? How does that type of thing generally work?

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Usually the next step, to begin receiving guidance and knowledge from him is to invoke him into yourself. Hang on a minute and I will PM you with the ritual for doing this. It’s surprisingly simple and no ingredients or tools are needed. Only your mind.

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Crimany like possession??

No. possession and invocation are different things.

To invoke is to call pieces of an entity into yourself so you may learn from them and take on their traits while maintaining full control over your body and mind.

Possession is when you allow a spirit to take full control of you which is not advised for a new magician. No one would have a new magician doing a full on possession as their first rite of passage into the darkness, that would be like asking for the magician to go insane or worse.

This in invocation, big difference, much safer. And remember I said this is the darkness itself, it’s already all around you 24/7, it cannot be hid from or escaped, it has always been and always will be. But it sometimes takes on the form of an entity so we can perceive it better and realize its there, you know, showing itself in human form so we will notice it whereas as just a black mist, we probably don’t notice it at all when first starting out on this path.

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This is interesting as i may have seen this Nox myself. I was doing evocations of King Purson and he brought a lot of roaming spirits with him. One night i was in my backyard and this one touched, hit me really on my left shoulder. i looked around and he was just as described. He did not say anything but he did growled at me so i growled right back at him. And he stepped into the shadows and was gone. I did not think to much of it at the time as i had seen so many spirits over the last 3 weeks of that working and Purson loved to bring me the real crazy ones. That was 2 years ago now so i can’t say if that was Nox, but if it was i will have to look more deeply into it.

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RavensAscent, I must say that this whole notion is exciting yet overwhelming. One hesitancy about invoking him is that I don’t want to take on his pushy traits. I’m a very non pushy person. Having those traits would make me unhappy with myself. Plus, I did basically tell him to go fuck off unless he showed me his power in the way I instructed.

Jboy you are not understanding this. NOX is only a human like form that the darkness takes on so we can make better sense of it. Obviously a human is more inclined to speak to and see something that looks human as opposed to seeing the darkness the way it really is as just a pile of black mist and smoke levitating all around us. I mean, if you saw a pile of black smoke floating around you would you talk to it? Probably not, you’d either think you were crazy or think, is something on fire in my house? Whereas a human form, you’re more likely to engage with it.

Nox has his OWN separate traits that he shows to people just to intimidate them to scare off people who are only dabbling, messing with a Oujia board or researching just to let them know, I exist and if you know what’s good for you, you will tread lightly on my ground as I do not take kindly to dabblers or those seeking to disprove me. The black smoke part of the darkness has its own form and traits. Something too many people do not grasp very well, an entity can take on many forms which eventually form a mind of their own until the entity literally has multiple archtypes or personalities that it shows to us, whichever form it feels we need to see.

It’s no different than the way some people see Lucifer as an angel, some see him as a little boy, some as a jester, etc. Nox is a form of the darkness but he does not represent the darkness in its entirety. So unless you foolishly invoke NOX into yourself, invoking the black mist into your self is not the same thing, it is not Nox and therefor you will not be taking on the traits of Nox, you will be taking on the more comforting traits of the darkness itself, the need to seek answers and mysteries of the forbidden arts.

It must be done at some point or else one cannot truly call themself a black magician if one ignore the blackness aka the darkness. Nox is only there to scare off the weak, the religious, and the dabblers. He showed himself to me too and I pretty much told him right to his face, “Dude, get the fuck up outta my face, you’re too close to me, you’re invading my personal space and I don’t appreciate it. Why do you always insist on getting right up on me and trying to intimidate me? It’s not working, go away!”

And after that he never returned and I have sense only seen the black smoke. Nox has left me alone. So what you said to him, is literally how you have to treat him or else he will continue to push and invade your space. You gotta tell him to fuck off so only the black smoke will appear and you can interact with that aspect of the darkness, which is the original form of the darkness and the most peaceful and most intelligent form. It was a test. Not everybody see Nox, but those of us who have, had to tell him not to come back because he is rude.

So no one is asking you to take on the traits of Nox, If you told him to leave then he shouldn’t come back but the darkness itself still remains and can never be banished. The darkness is what fuels our desires to learn, to seek forbidden magickal paths, to look for answers to life’s mysteries and secrets. Think of it this way, the darkness is basically the desire that fuels the magician to learn and delve deeper into their path. Without it, there is no black magician. But once you invoke it, it will only activate your drive to explore and after that, your life path and things you need to know, spirits you need to meet to guide you along the way, will start to surface but until such time you will only linger in the lower levels of magick, barely or very slowly pushing forward.

The darkness accelerates your path and your ascent. Technically, even you and I were born with this darkness already inside of us as remember, I said it is everywhere and cannot be banished or escaped from. All you are doing by invoking it is simly activating it. This is not the same a typical invocation of a goddess or a demon, and it is definitely not possession. And to clear up your confusion even further, when you do an invocation with any other entity you do not retain all of their traits permanently. A piece of them will always remain with you, guiding you, but their traits are only assumed and felt during the invocation and once you expell the entity their traits are gone and the purpose of that is simply to allow the magician to temporarily feel how that entity thinks and feel the power they hold.

Unless of course, you trap that entity inside of your body against their own will or ask them to purposefully leave behind some of their traits in you, yeah that can be done too as I have done it many times myself but not something you do with every invocation and not the same thing as when you invoke the darkness. The reason I am so fierce and passionate about the occut and teaching others is because I purposefully asked certain entities to leave their traits behind in me, I also have jewelry and other objects infused with their energy and other things. But I know how to handle it. So the ritual I gave you is not the same thing, not by any means, it a very basic and safe rite of passage for beginners.

You seem a bit fearful which is a trait you will need to overcome if you plan on treading down this path very far and I’ll stop right there so I don’t scare you on accident. But nothing is quite what it seems, ever. You can do this, you’re just finding excuses to stall. It’s not scary and nothing bad will happen to you as a result of this ritual.

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As always, thanks so much.

RavensAscent-I will be doing the self initiation into darkness most likely on Sunday (maybe Saturday night). I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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